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377 Survival Hacks You Should Learn in 2023 | Your Ultimate Survival Life Hacks Guide



Feature | Survival Hacks And Skills You Should Know

Survival hacks are essential for anyone. If there is anything that 2021 has taught us, it is that prepper or no prepper, you never know what nature can throw at you on any given day.

Make sure you and your family are prepared for the worst-case scenarios with these Survival Life Hacks!

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1 Survival Life's Ultimate List of Survival Hacks and Skills

Survival Life's Ultimate List of Survival Hacks and Skills

pair-matchstick-rubberband-holding-knife-place survival hacks

1. 10 Survival Skills for Kids

sad-boy survival hacks

These survival hacks and skills for kids are vital to ensure that even your kids can increase their chances of survival in the event of a disaster or an emergency. There’s no other way to teach them the will to live than in a survival situation.

These hacks will help them grow up being prepared for whatever there is to come.

2. 32 More Survival Skills for Kids

portrait-pensive-boy-sitting-by-campfire survival hacks

Preparedness is something you can teach your kids even at an early age. Some things take time to develop so kids need to practice them while they're young.

These are 32 essential survival hacks and skills you can coach your little ones with.

3. A Family Survival Guide: 4 Survival Skills for Kids

camping-people-outdoor-lifestyle-tourists-summer survival hacks

Children must know what to do when they're left alone or when they think they're lost. This is a safety guide and tips for the whole family on survival hacks and skills for kids.

It will show your kids the basic methods that will help them in the event of an emergency.

4. 19 “Old World” Primitive Survival Skills You'll Wish You Knew Before SHTF

man-starting-fire-woods-using-technique survival hacks

How fully prepared are you? These primitive survival skills are a great way to go back to the basics. Modern tools are not always available especially when you're out in the wild.

Be prepared when everything goes back to basics and learn how to use these tools.

5. 5 Survival Kits for the Prepper on the Go

emergency-preparation-equipment-on-wooden-table survival hacks

If you think a bug-out bag may be inconvenient for you, then you should try a pocket-sized survival kit. Here are a few ideas on how to make one in order to help you survive for a day or two. Be prepared while on the go with this Altoids survival kit. Who knew that something this small could be so handy?

6. 3 Tips: Foraging for Food and Water

beautiful-woman-taking-water-forest-spring survival hacks

Finding food and water when out in the wilderness is one of the prepper hacks that must be learned. It is important to always stay hydrated especially when SHTF.

As primitive as it can be, it will be a matter of life and death when all your food and water run out.

7. The Preppers Guide to Winter Survival

man-lighting-fire-dark-winter-forest survival hacks

Preparedness in the harsh winter cold is essential, especially for an emergency situation. This list is a comprehensive one to date.

It will show you what to pack in your winter survival kit and will make you feel warm just thinking about it.

8. Do You Know 25 of these Native American Survival Skills?

acorn-stick-child-game-played-by survival hacks

Have you ever thought about how our ancestors got through the harshest elements? We all know how difficult things can be even with today's modern amenities.

Well, here are some of the Native American survival skills you can start learning. These skills also show how interesting our ancestors' way of survival was, too!

9. Survival Shelter Tutorial from the California Survival School

primitive-debris-hut-survival-shelter-wilderness survival hacks

Do you know what to do when SHTF and you don’t have a bugout cabin ready? This is one of the wilderness survival hacks you should have on your sleeve: how to build a survival shelter from the California survival school.

10. 11 Survival Skills | The Psychology of Staying Alive

girl-closed-eyes-resting-leaning-against survival hacks

Survival enthusiasts say that when you’re in a pinch, it’s all in the head. I know, it's one of the survival tips and tricks I never really thought about thoroughly, but it makes sense.

This article will show you a few ways to stay calm in a crisis to increase your chances of survival.

11. DIY Survival Water Filter | Survival Tips

man-woman-couple-using-water-filter survival hacks

Thirsty and your water supply ran out? When in an emergency situation, we will always do what we can to get what our body needs.

You can actually filter, purify, and convert dirty water into safe drinking water on your own if you have the skillset for it. Learn how to make a DIY survival water filter using materials around you.

12. Two Most Important Survival Tools – Skills

man-building-survival-shelter-forest-woods survival hacks

Survival Life is the best source for survival tips and gear to make it out alive in a disaster or emergency. A lot of people can start a fire in good weather conditions, but what if the conditions are bad?

Learn the two most important survival tools and skills even when not everything is working in your favor.

13. 25 Obscure Bushcraft Survival Skills

bushcraft-fire-starting-steel-striker survival hacks

Do you want to learn how to become a true outdoor survivalist? How will you proceed if the conventional ways are taken out of the equation?

This is a list of bushcraft survival skills that will help you survive any disaster you might find yourself in.

14. 9 Personal Survival Skills for the Everyday Joe and Jane

woman-tourist-cuts-wooden-stick-knife survival hacks

If you think your life is cruel, worry no more! From finding water/food to navigation skills, this article will show you how you can learn personal survival skills for the everyday Joe and Jane.

15. 5 Survival Skills You Can Practice While Camping

meat-on-stick-grilled-fire-bushcraft survival hacks

Some think that practicing survival hacks and skills is one serious task. You can actually have fun with these 5 survival skills you can practice while camping – from building a shelter to identifying edible plants.

My favorite tool, the Aqualight, can light your campsite, boil water and keep your valuables dry all in one durable, collapsible canteen!

16. 31 Survival Skills for the True Outdoorsman

man-making-fishing-spear-outdoors-survival survival hacks

Do you think you’re a true survivalist? Survival depends on how knowledgeable and how skilled you are when it comes to the outdoors.

Check these outdoor survival skills that will give you everything you need to know to truly survive.

17. The Psychology of Survival – Why Your Mind Matters Most

young-woman-washes-her-face-mountain survival hacks

How well you think is the best weapon you can have in any given situation. Being prepared for an emergency is worth nothing at all if your mind is not up for it.

Read about the psychology of survival and why your mind matters most.

18. 5 Sneaky Survival Snare Traps to Keep You Alive

although-illegal-wire-snare-traps-still survival hacks

Afraid that you might eventually run out of supplies when SHTF? Hunting is more dangerous than just using traps to capture food.

Well, here’s 5 sneaky survival snare traps to keep you alive while you’re searching for a more stable source of food supply.

19. 29 YouTube Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life

close-hand-hunter-man-knife-cut survival hacks

There are numerous survival hacks you can find on YouTube. It's definitely another platform that preppers need to use to further hone their skills.

You can choose any YouTube survival skills videos from this list to see what I mean.

20. Emergency Shelter DIY

primitive-bushcraft-survival-debris-hut-campfire survival hacks

A well-built shelter can keep you alive when you're out in the woods at night. You can learn how to make a DIY emergency shelter with the materials around you.

Survival Life is the best source for off-the-grid living, tips, and most especially survival gears.

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21. Surviving Without Supplies

woodland-arrow-showing-way-go-twig survival hacks

Outdoor living has become way too comfortable because of what modern technology has to offer. However, it is still vital to learn primitive survival skills to have a thorough knowledge of living in the wild.

22. The 3 Essential Survival Skills You Didn't Know You Needed

man-handcuffs-his-mouth-sealed-duct survival hacks

How can you tell if you're facing someone who is very good at deceiving?

Do you know Jason Hansen? If not then you’ll know him by learning these videos on essential survival skills you didn’t know you needed.

23. 13 Top Survival Skills | Learn Now, Survive Later

camping-survival-cooking-outdoors-fire-tin survival hacks

Are you a survivalist newbie? No worries! Everything starts with the basics and no one becomes an expert overnight.

This survival skills infographic will show you 13 essential skills to build a foundation on what you need to learn now.

24. Making Simple Tools From Flint

man-outdoors-makeing-fire-by-flint survival hacks

What if you lost all the tools you’ve prepared before SHTF? This video will show you that making simple tools from flint can be the only way to make things you need for survival.

25. Top 5 Survival Skills

dirty-little-homeless-boy-begging-buzy survival hacks

Have you gone through your survival skills lately? How do you find water, get food, and build your own temporary shelter? This video will show you the top 5 survival skills you need to get through SHTF situations.

26. Drought Survival: 7 Tips To Survive Natural Disasters

climate-change-drought-land survival hacks

Never underestimate how devastating a drought can be for everyone? It's a serious matter that everyone in the prepper community should be aware of.

This is why this list of tips for drought survival will help you learn how to survive natural disasters.

27. 10 Poncho Survival Hacks

young-man-poncho-on-vacation-laguna survival hacks

Do you know that you can use your poncho to increase your chances of survival? It's actually more than something that protects you from the rain.

Check out the 10 clever survival hacks using a poncho! Grab an assortment of ponchos here.

28. Street Survival Skills: Surviving The Urban Jungle

you-ready-written-on-highway-road survival hacks

You might think you don’t need any of the urban survival hacks that preppers keep blabbing about because you live in the city. However, you will need street survival skills to keep you and your family safe in the event of an emergency.

29. Open A Can With Your Hands

opening-can-knife survival hacks

It may sound unbelievable and it's fine if you're hesitant at first. Did you know that you can open canned goods with your bare hands?

This may come in handy in the event that you lose all your tools, you know. Better learn it while you can.

30. 7 Military Skills To Learn For Survival

close-shot-hunter-dressed-camouflage-clothing survival hacks

The military has some of the most extreme survivalist hacks. Well, they have to learn these things if they have to do what it takes to protect a nation.

This article can teach you 7 military skills you can use for survival without having to actually join the Military.

31. Prepping With Pets

funny-dachshund-puppy-thick-beard-necklace survival hacks

Do you consider your pet as part of your family? You don't want those furry little creatures to just disappear in a disaster situation.

Start learning these survival tips that include prepping with your pets.

32. How To Make Homemade Survival Cement

abstract-texture-cement-mortar-background survival hacks

Have you found yourself in a situation wherein you needed durable and long lasting materials for survival? This easy-to-make and long-lasting homemade survival cement may do just the trick!

33. 2 Long Lost Native American Survival Skills

indians-riding-horse-spear-ready-use survival hacks

The Native Americans are the best example when it comes to survival. These long-lost Native American survival skills have proven their worth over the centuries.

Just when you thought you knew it all!

34. Blacksmithing: Useful Hobby and Survival Skill

blacksmith-manually-forging-molten-metal-on survival hacks

The basics of blacksmithing can indeed be a very useful skill. You can either make what you need for yourself or for others in exchange for what you need.

If blacksmithing is a valuable skill in the old days, it still has a lot of good uses in these modern times.

35. 6 “Street Smart” Urban Survival Skills

human-life-social-distance-aerial-top survival hacks

Have you heard of urban survival? How will you deal with a bad situation in the urban areas?

If not then these six street smart urban survival skills will get you through every street corner in the midst of chaos like never before.

36. 3 Survival Tips From Grandpa

tourist-man-grandparent-hiking-on-sunny survival hacks

Sometimes, the best survival tips can be found in the most unlikely of sources. Experience is the best teacher and a person will gain wisdom in every experience.

These three “R's” are tips from grandpa that can help you in a survival situation.

37. 35 Flood Survival Tips | How To Survive Natural Disasters

flooding-germany-flooded-road-passing-through survival hacks

Flood occurrences are a common thing for a lot of people. Most of us have a certain experience with floods except for those who have lived their entire lives in the uplands.

However, when worse comes to worst these flood survival tips will help you through a disaster.

38. Hurricane Survival Tips: How To Survive Natural Disasters

flooded-street-after-catastrophic-hurricane-irma survival hacks

Hurricanes are one of the most devastating natural disasters in the world. Learn useful tips on what you need to do before, during, and after a hurricane.

In order to increase your chances of surviving a hurricane, this can only be achieved by being prepared.

39. The Holy Trinity Of Survival

stalker-soldier-gas-mask-russian-military survival hacks

What are the top survival hacks or skills for you? Check out the top 3 things you need for survival and learn which gears you will need in order to survive a possible fallout.

40. The “6 Unbreakable Laws Of Survival” You Need To Know

man-traveler-pours-water-bottle-into survival hacks

Each and every prepper can have its own ways of approaches and guidelines in a survival situation. However, no single solution solves all your preparedness problems.

That is why there is an infinite number of ways to solve them.

Watch this video by AlfieAesthetics as he gives us 50+ survival tips!

Having the right knowledge in handling difficult situations is always a good thing. Take the time and exert the effort to absorb these survival skills as much as you can.

This gives you the highest potential to survive the worst of the worst while hoping for the best!

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Do you find these survival hacks and skills useful? Have you tried doing any of these by yourself? Do share your stories in the comments below!

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