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Native American Survival Tips | What You Can Learn From These Experts



Featured | Portrait of american indian in national dress | Native American Survival Tips | What You Can Learn From These Experts

Learn Native American survival tips and techniques on how they effectively live off the land using only primitive tools and equipment here!

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In this article:

  1. Learn Native American Survival Tips from the Experts
  2. Shared Knowledge
  3. Learn to Be Stealthy
  4. Learning Native American Survival Tips and Skills Nearly Forgotten
  5. Be Resourceful
  6. Fearless Fighters
  7. Learn to Read Animal Tracks

Native American Survival Tips: Facing Every Challenge

1. Learn Native American Survival Tips from the Experts


How did Native Americans survive in the past? For centuries, the Native American proved how invaluable it was to live off the land.

Their way of life was with a passion, and they survived the wild in flying colors. They were able to stand the test of time for thousands of years.

This was because they practiced 25 of these essential survival skills. These skills helped them face whatever challenges nature threw at them.

2. Shared Knowledge


It is truly fascinating how the native learned without the tools we deem necessary today. The skills and knowledge of these fearless hunters and survival experts survived many centuries.

Native American skills and crafts endured by passing down what they learned from one generation to the other through storytelling. For those who want to learn more today, you can do so by browsing the web at the comfort of your home.

So start knowing these survival hacks and skills.

3. Learn to Be Stealthy


The Native American stealth techniques are as remarkable as the legendary Ninja techniques. Only more practical and applicable in today's survival training.

Practice the art of walking barefoot or with moccasins. Land on your heel first, then slowly roll the outside of your foot followed by the balls of your feet.

That is the Native American walking style which lessens the footprint noise Native Americans make. It is also one of the must-learn Native American hunting techniques.

When they go hunting, even wildlife have difficulty hearing their footsteps.

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4. Learning Native American Survival Tips and Skills Nearly Forgotten


Our way of life has improved in leaps and bounds because of what modern technology has to offer. Yet, learning these Native American survival skills can mean your survival.

Once you master these skills, it can help you survive a disaster or emergency situation.

5. Be Resourceful


Invaders considered the self-sufficient living techniques of the Native Americans primitive. Yet, survivalists, these days, try to emulate these skills and practice them on a regular basis.

The ability of the Native Americans in coming up with ideas using only what was available around is impressive. Whatever the challenge they faced and seasons they were going through they continued to thrive.

Learn how to build a shelter by just using natural resources.

6. Fearless Fighters


One reason why they were such fearless fighters was their mastery of the weapons they used. From the stone club, bow and arrow, to the atlatl, they just had so much in them including various striking techniques which go along with it.

What Is Atlatl? Also known as a spear thrower, it is a tool with a socket or handles at the end to throw a dart or pointed object.

Learn how to shoot the bow and arrow right here and learn how to hunt like a Native American.

7. Learn to Read Animal Tracks


Learning some Native American tracking techniques will help you not only hunt for food but avoid dangerous wild animals, too. Having the ability to identify animal tracks will help you hunt down your next meal.

Even so in the shortest time possible instead of waiting for the game to come to you. It can also increase your chances of survival in the wild by being able to avoid dangerous animals.

Watch this Native American Scout Training posted by TheRoughTV:

Having the skill sets practiced by the Native Americans will prove to be an invaluable tool to survive any emergency or disaster.

Like them, you will be self-reliant and innovative enough to withstand any force of nature or man-made disaster which will come your way.

What do you think are the most essential set of Native American survival skills a modern survivalist need to master? Share your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

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