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10 Hunting Season Buzzkills



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Hunting is a practice that started with our ancient ancestors. For many of us, hunting season is like a yearly pilgrimage to get back to our roots.

Hunting is an exercise in strength and persistence and is a true test of our survivalist skills. Humans have traditionally hunted for food, clothing, and sometimes even for shelter. But besides being a necessary survival skill, hunting is something most of us truly enjoy.

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Sometimes it's a way for us to bond with our fathers or sons, or just a way to get away from our hectic lives and feel closer to nature.

10 Hunting Season Buzzkills

There are those that will tell you that hunting is a barbaric or outdated practice, but they don't know what they're talking about. They don't know that the practice of hunting still has huge benefits today. First and foremost, may people still need to hunt for food.

But beyond that, hunting helps control animal populations, and the fish and wildlife industry boosts the economy in many regions.

Still, there are a lot of things about the hunting aspect that are, shall we say, less than glamorous. Here are just a few of them.

10 Things That Suck About Hunting Season

Some things about hunting can really chap your ass. Here are our top ten.

10. The Holidays

You are required to show up for some holiday functions or at least the big ones. Too many of them fall during the hunting season.

9. Season length

Hunting season is nowhere near long enough. We all have a big game plan about hunting different areas during different parts of the season, but we most often run out of season.

8. Work

Employers are extremely hung up on attendance. Even during hunting season, they fully expect outdoorsmen and women to wake up and go to work while they could actively pursue game. What happened to this country?

7. Garbage

You follow a strict scent control regiment for your hunting clothes and your body. But there are those in this world who still expect us to haul dirty, stinky garbage out to the curb. I hate chores. What would the deer think if they got a whiff of us? We, as hunters, work very hard to be odorless to get closer to game and yet, we still have to take the garbage out.

6. Football

Hunting has been around longer than football has. A lot of hunters enjoy football. The hunting season overlapping with football season is a scheduling conflict that the media, the NCAA, NFL, and high schools could quickly fix. Just wait until deer season ends.

Like I said, for many hunting is much more than something they just do for food. For some it's a passion, or a sport, or an almost spiritual experience. Hunting involves both physical and mental stimulation and requires a unique combination of skills. There's nothing quite  like it. Hunting season is a perfect opportunity to take in all of nature's splendor.

For survivalists, hunting is an ideal activity because it is one of the best opportunities to practice shooting skills. That means that when SHTF and you have to bug out, as long as you have a rifle, you know you'll have food. Plus, you will know how to use a gun to defend yourself if worse comes to worse.

What other things spoil the hunting season for you? Tell us about them in the comments. Then check out these related posts on our site:

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 18, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.



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