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10 Amusement Park Accidents Survival Tips



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Enjoy your day without the risk of amusement park accident with these tips!

Amusement Park Accidents: Surviving the Fun of It All


Amusement Park Survival Tips

Our guards are down when we spend it in an amusement park. We’re enjoying every moment and with all the fun and laughter going on around you, the tendency to be on the alert is very low. Sometimes, it’s all about not knowing at all or just plain ignorance and pretending to know better than those who are in charge of the rides.

Here are a few survival tips which can make your visit a whole lot greater and avoid fatal amusement park accidents:

1. Check with Your Doctor First

Check With Your Doctor First | Amusement Park Accidents Survival Tips
High-speed thrill rides coupled with a lot of twists and turns have the tendency to cause problems for people who are not physically capable. Check with your doctor first before going to an amusement park. Your body might not be able to handle the stress and the pressure of a ride, which may be your last.

2. Wear Proper and Comfortable Clothing

Wear Proper and Comfortable Clothing | Amusement Park Accidents Survival Tips
Wear the right clothes according to the weather for the day. Closed and comfortable shoes are strongly advised to protect your toes from rides and to make walking more comfortable. The less jewelry and accessories you have on you, the safer it will be.

If you’re wearing prescription glasses, try wearing contact lenses for thrill rides. You'll want both your hands to be free in case you need to hold on tight. Worrying about glasses falling off will leave you no choice but to hold on to it.

3. Avoid Getting Sunburnt

With all the fun you get in an amusement park, you tend to forget you’ve been staying under the sun for the most part of the day. Not to mention, standing in line for hours just waiting for your turn. Use a sunscreen lotion with a high SPF to protect your skin.

4. Buddy Up

Buddy Up | Amusement Park Accidents Survival Tips
Will the kids be tagging along? Each adult or young adult must be in charge of one kid. The buddy system will make them responsible for one kid only. Having to monitor more than one hyped up kid is plenty of work in a park full of people. The assignment will be from sitting beside them when taking thrill rides to accompanying them to the comfort room when they need to.

5. Bring Your First Aid Kit

In case you take a fall or the kids hurt themselves from running around, you have what you need to treat a sprain, a bruise, or a cut. Maybe it can also contain prescription medicine for allergies or an ailment of some sort. Maybe learning a few first aid tips will be useful in the future. You’ll never know when you might need it.

6. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep Yourself Hydrated | Amusement Park Accidents Survival Tips
Children tend to heat up faster and sweat less than adults. Stick to sports drink or water instead of caffeinated drinks. Keep them in the shade every now and then. Having them pass out because they’re dehydrated or get dizzy from the heat of the sun is a risk one cannot take, most especially if they’re still on a ride.

7. Examine the Rides Yourself

Even if the sign indicates the ride is safe for your child, you must validate it yourself. Check the following to ensure your child will indeed be alright:

  • Watch the attendants closely and see if they really know what they’re doing. Pay special attention to those who double check safety procedures before stepping out.
  • The size of the ride. If the seat is too large or too small for you or your kid, there is a huge chance you might fall off the ride. This is sometimes overlooked and causes amusement park deaths.
  • The length and angle of the safety restraints must fit snugly across the hipbone at an angle from the shoulder to the chest down to the hip, not on the face, neck, and stomach. A loose safety restraint is not safe at all.
  • Chaperone your child to ensure their safety on a ride.

8. Alternate Between Rides

Alternate Between Rides | Amusement Park Accidents Survival Tips
Never go on a thrill riding spree. This can increase the probability of injuries. You can either take a more relaxed ride in between or take breaks. This is with twice the emphasis for those with kids.

9. Abide by Park Safety Rules

Don’t insist on having your children taking the ride, even though they don’t meet the age and height requirement. Other safety rules to follow are:

  • Don’t stand up until the ride comes to a complete stop lest you fall off or get thrown out.
  • Stay close to the safety bar as you can and never leave so much space in between.
  • Make sure the lap bar, safety restraints, and seatbelts are locked and fit snugly. If otherwise let the operator know by shouting if the ride starts to move. If there is no lap bar just keep your hands on your lap.
  • Let those who have taken the ride exit first before you try and get on.
  • For rides where your legs are dangling, just relax and don’t kick them to the front or the side.
  • Don’t slouch or lean to one side for rides that throw your head from side to side. This is to avoid serious neck and head injuries.
  • Watch out for horrible roller coaster accidents. Keep your eyes open and watch the track ahead of you. This helps your body adjust to the G-forces. At the same time, it keeps you balanced on your seat on a roller coaster.
  • Don’t hold your breath. Screaming helps you not to blackout because it keeps your blood in circulation on the upper parts of your body.
  • Stay away from restricted areas. Curiosity can kill. Jumping fences might put you at risk if getting hit by a thrill ride. If you dropped something like a cell phone or a wallet, alert security or employees to get it for you instead.
  • Alert security personnel or employees of line jumpers. It’s not worth the risk getting into a heated argument or even a brawl. You might be putting your family at risk. Ultimately, it will spoil the rest of the day.
  • Don’t run! Running in a crowd can cause serious injuries to both the runner and other people. All the more if a full-grown adult stumbles on an unsuspecting child. The rides won’t be going anywhere. They start and end at the same point. No use getting a sprained ankle or a broken arm for it.
  • Don’t come to an abrupt stop when on the main pathway. Keep in mind there are other people right behind you. If you really have to stop, veer off the main path and find a seat should you need to text, talk or eat.
  • If you have to bring a stroller with your baby in it, make sure you give 4 to 5 feet of space between the front end of the stroller and the people in front of you. This will give you enough time to react in case they come to an abrupt stop.

10. Take Extra Care on Water Rides

Take Extra Care on Water Rides | Amusement Park Accidents Survival Tips
Your kids should be old enough to take all of the essential positions for a ride. Remind them stopping in the middle of a water slide can cause severe neck injuries. If you have doubts, don’t do it.


Always be wary of the dangers in the amusement park. This video by Myrtle shows some of the amusement park accidents caught on camera:

At the end of the day, you'll want you and your family to go home with a smile on your faces and a whole lot of good memories. The aforementioned details may seem to be too much to think about for some. As long as you follow them to the letter, it might help you get through the day in an amusement park without having to be involved in a freak accident or a tragedy. As a parting tip, if you think the ride isn’t safe, then don’t take the risk.

Do you have any more suggestions or comments about amusement park accidents you might want to add? Please post them in the comments section below!

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