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Ultimate Emergency Essentials Guide For All Kinds Of Emergencies



Prepare advance natural disaster putting together important items | Emergency essentials

The emergency essentials you need in your emergency kit will vary depending on the kind of emergency you are preparing for. Assemble different kinds of emergency kits and equip yourself for various emergency situations with our comprehensive list below.

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Emergency Essentials | 13 Emergency Kits to Prepare for All Kinds of Disasters

First aid kit bag | Emergency essentials

1. What Is an Emergency Kit?

Disaster management includes preparing kit | Emergency essentials

On paper, an emergency kit is a self-contained bag that has all the necessary supplies you need to survive. In reality, it's one of your last lines of defense against the spread of disease, hunger, cold, thirst, and fear.

The basic explanation of an emergency kit may be good enough for people to start preparing. However, in our experience, people genuinely embrace preparing when an emergency hits close to home.

It could be as simple as a power outage or as extreme as a tornado. The fact is, once you realize that you're not prepared, it scares you.

To help you answer the question “what is an emergency kit?” we've set up two scenarios using a similar impact event. Scenario one depicts a typical family's response to an emergency. Scenario two shows us what a family can do if they start preparing for disasters.

Click here to learn more about what an emergency kit is and why it is a must-have.

2. Use This First Aid Kit List to Prepare Yours

Checking content first aid kit | Emergency essentials

You already know how important having a first aid kit is. The question is, do you have different types of kits? Check out this first aid kit list so you can be extra prepared wherever you are.

Click here to find out what your first aid kit should have inside it.

3. Do You Have a Home Disaster Survival Kit? Here's How to Make One

Bug out bag | Emergency essentials

Statistics show that half of the people living in the US have experienced a major disaster or have been in a life and death situation at least once in their lifetime. What comes as a surprise is that only 10% of the total households are prepared in the event of a disaster. That is why it is important that we have a home disaster survival kit.

Experts tell us that being prepared is the key to survival in the event of a catastrophe.  But the next question would be how would we know what to prepare for our home disaster survival kit?

This is where this article comes into play. Click here to find out how to make your very own home disaster survival kit.

4. How to Design and Create Your Own Emergency Car Kit

Hazard triangle breakdown | Emergency essentials

When the seasons begin to change, evaluating your automobile's preparedness is a must. Your prep work varies depending on the area where you reside. You may need just a tune-up, a few snow tires, anti-freeze, and a few other things.

Put simply, readiness implies that you have done your utmost to be sure that your automobile is capable of handling just about anything that may come its way.

When it comes to emergency readiness, the most crucial thing that you have to prepare is the emergency car kit. The essentials of a car emergency kit are food, water, and items that provide warmth.

You also need some other vital things like emergency lights and many other similar devices. Click here to find out how to make your very own emergency car kit.

5. Here's What Your Hurricane Survival Kit Should Look Like

Collection items necessary survive aftermath hurricane | Emergency essentials

Our weather's unpredictable behavior is a good reason to be prepared. Every household should have a 72-hour disaster survival kit to face whatever natural phenomenon comes their way.

We have to be prepared ahead of time to ensure our safety. So before the hurricane season begins, it is wise to have the necessary things that will be vital for our survival.

Click here for a list of what should be included in your hurricane survival kit.

6. Building Evacuation Kit: High-Rise Survival Tips

Disaster prevention goods | Emergency essentials

Learn to build an evacuation and survival kit with these tips and a checklist! Click here to find out more.

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7. Survival Tips – The Best Emergency Food Kit

Items emergency on wooden table top view | Emergency essentials

Who knows what the future holds? If only we knew, day to day, what challenges would arise, we would never be caught unaware. Unfortunately, life just doesn't work that way.

Those who prefer to look forward and make preparations for the “just in case” scenarios are often painted as fringe lunatics and doomsday preppers. However, assembling the best emergency food kit for yourself or your family should be something every responsible adult takes seriously.

Just a few of the “normal” situations that could arise when having emergency rations for your family would make sense include loss of a job, temporary lay off, extended storm damage, or a power outage that traps your family at home. Or perhaps you'd just like to be in a position to help another family in need, should the opportunity arise.

Click here and find out what the best emergency food kit looks like. 

8. Making a Pocket-Sized Survival Kit

Small travel survival kit wild | Emergency essentials

There are many commercially available survival kits in stores today. Many of these kits contain items of poor quality. If at any time, you find yourself having to depend on a man-made item to survive, that item needs to be of excellent quality!

One piece of your kit can mean the difference between life and death. Click here to find out how to make your very own pocket-sized survival kit.

9. Building a Survival Kit for Your Pets

Hiker siberian husky dog looking beautiful | Emergency essentials

A lot of us think about building survival kits for our family and others, but what about building a survival kit for our pets? If you have a pet at home, then having a survival kit for them is necessary. We want to make sure our loved pets have what’s needed to survive.

Hopefully, you will never have to put your survival kit to use. But when you have to get going quickly and hide or escape a situation, having a survival kit ready for you and your pet is crucial.

Click here to learn more about how to make a survival kit for your pets. 

10. Survival Emergency Car Kit | The DIY Kit That Could Save Your Life

Open first aid box filled medical supplies | Emergency essentials

Breakdowns, flat tires, extreme weather – you name it, it could happen. Most people have had an accident without proper equipment to make even minor repairs on their vehicles – or themselves.

Don't fall victim to an emergency situation due to a lack of preparedness and learn how to make your own emergency car kit.

An emergency car kit is something that every vehicle should have, along with a well-equipped first-aid kit for any minor injuries you may sustain. If you travel any great distance by car, packing an emergency kit may make the difference between getting back on the road soon or being stuck where you are for some time.

In this article, we’ll go over all the things needed for your emergency car kit which will include a first aid kit.

Click here to learn more about how to make your very own survival emergency car kit!

11. How to Build an Emergency Preparedness Kit for the Whole Family

Checklist and natural disaster supplies | Emergency essentials

Your family's safety is of utmost importance. Every prepper should have an emergency preparedness kit ready to go.

If you haven't built one yet, click here and learn how to assemble an emergency preparedness kit for the entire family.

12. DIY All Natural First Aid Kit

tn5tTty7kJQ - spices coutances france | Emergency essentials

Want to build a natural first aid kit? We've sourced the best natural ingredients you need to pack in your first aid kit, so you can help treat any ailments as they come up.

These alternative remedies have wonderful healing benefits. Click here to learn more about the things you need in your all-natural first aid kit.

13. Everyday Uses for Your Emergency Survival Kit

Items emergency on wooden table | Emergency essentials

Prepping and emergency preparedness doesn't make sense to many outside of the survival lifestyle. We all know how important our preps will be when SHTF, but the outsiders just don't get it.

They see our survival kits as bags that will sit on a shelf, awaiting a disaster that will never come. Well, we're here to prove them wrong.

Though we probably can't convince the doubters to believe in the catastrophes we prepare for, we can show them how important preps are for everyday disasters.

Click here and find out how you can set your emergency survival kit for everyday use.

Different emergency scenarios call for different emergency kits that, of course, also contain different emergency essentials. Learn what each of these kits should contain with our comprehensive list of emergency essentials above.

Are there other lists of emergency essentials for a particular kind of disaster that we forgot to include? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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