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“Prepping” is not a new idea by any means. But for some, it conjures up images of Cold War-era bomb shelters and canned foods.

The prepping community has received lots of bad press over the years, being constantly mocked by a media that wants you to believe the government won’t let anything bad happen to you. Preppers are often portrayed as raving lunatics, mumbling about epidemics and safe rooms.

As COVID-19 quickly spreads throughout the world, the average citizen is watching their life as they know it devolve by the hour. There's no way to avoid the coronavirus at this point. It is absolutely everywhere you turn.

Just check out all the media coverage that it's gotten:


Suddenly, prepping doesn’t seem so extreme. The widespread realization that standard supplies could become scarce or obsolete has created a frenzy over hoarding things like toilet paper and bottled water.

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We just want to say Welcome!

Welcome to the next phase of your life, one where you understand that nothing is guaranteed by your government to be there for you – not your economy, not your electricity, not even your safety. We don’t say this to scare you. We say this because it’s true, and it’s time to ready yourself for all possibilities.

In the same way that you purchase home insurance, it’s so important that you prepare yourself for all possible scenarios. These scenarios include government shutdowns, global pandemics, and martial law. The alternative is being too late to the game, and that’s not what we want for you.

The prepping community is just that – a community, and we support one another. We want you to be ready, and we’re here to help. It would be easy to hide in our bunkers and safe rooms, but it would also be lonely. So put away your judgments and let’s work together to prepare you.

First, we want to remind you that the media is who got us here in the first place. The media created the overarching negative connotations of prepping that turned so many people away from the concept. And now, the media is creating panic by sensationalizing an already concerning pandemic. But panicking won’t help anything. Prepping is all about staying calm, creating a plan, and executing that plan. When you’re prepared, nothing is quite as scary. Take everything that the media says with a grain of salt.

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Second, it’s time to accept that prepping is an investment. It’s not a matter of if you’ll need your supplies; it’s a matter of when. Invest in your plan the same way you invest in your career and retirement. You will see the return on a much more satisfying and personal level. After all, how are your stocks doing right now?

Finally, be open-minded. The Prepping community is welcoming you, educating you, and helping you. You will soon learn that Preppers are from all walks of life and all demographics. But we treat each other with respect and we ask the same from you. As we enter uncharted territory we have so many resources to share with you. Some of these will be new concepts for you, but you must be open to receiving them.

People may have laughed at Preppers before, but you can be assured no one is laughing now. And as things progress, our knowledge and know-how will only gain value. Are you ready to prep?

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