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5 Steps to Take While COVID-19 is Shutting Down America



5 Steps to Take While COVID-19 is Shutting Down America

Let’s cut through the confusion on COVID-19. At the writing of this post we are at 139,000 cases worldwide with 5,000 total deaths. China is still holding the lion share of total cases, but other nations are reporting many more.

Italy has essentially shut down the entire country because of its 15,113 cases. Iran is also facing serious issues with outbreak numbers. 

The effects of the virus have made their way to our shores. Between shortages, school closures and major events and even sports leagues announcing a suspension of their season, it's clear that life here in America is about to change drastically. 

With this virus we are not only worried about sick people, of which there will be plenty with recent estimates as high as 96 million total cases when this is all said and done. That is almost 1/3 of the nation! This will have serious effects on the economy and the daily life of the average American. 

We are seeing proof of this with just 1500 confirmed cases at home. So let's look at 5 steps to take as COVID-19 is shutting down America.

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1. Focus on Local 

This virus was born in China and that caused the average American to focus on the Hubei province and affairs across the world. As Asia started to confirm cases in places like Korea and Taiwan, we kept our eyes on the globe. 

Suddenly, everything has changed as our local governments are now taking action to declare emergency and close schools. Now is the time to shift your focus from China and the world and pay close attention to your local government websites and communications. 

Stay ahead of what’s coming. 

2. Buy Some Convenience Items

Hopefully, you have established a base level of preparedness where water, food, backup power, security, first aid and evacuation plans have been taken care of. 

Now is the time to consider less of what you need and more of what you want. It looks like we are going to be staying inside for quite some time. What do you need to make that comfortable?

Consider things like entertainment, toiletries, snack foods and maybe even some luxury items. We have reached a rare point where we know what the disaster is and we have some good examples of what the full extent will look like. Now we can prepare to weather the storm and hopefully put this virus and its impacts behind us. 

Add some convenience to your preps. 

3. Source Some Online Income

The world economy is being affected by COVID-19. It is clear in the stock market and you probably have seen closures in your local area. If these economic conditions affect your income or your employment you are going to need a backup plan. 

Now might be the time to checkout sites like:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer 
  • Craigslist
  • Survey Monkey

While it's not very easy to make a full time wage on these sites, you can certainly bring some extra funding to help with loss of income and any future issue brought one while COVID-19 is shutting down America. 

Now is the time to start adding income streams so you don’t get caught without that big salary to pay the bills and buy food. 

4. Be Prepared to Heal at Home

One of the key elements that people are missing about this virus is how it will touch all other health and medical conditions in the nation. You will need to be prepared to heal at home with the right supplies and first aid knowledge. 

Typically, when you get the flu or an infection or an injury you go to the doctor or the hospital. So, what happens when your area has 20,000 cases of coronavirus and the hospitals are slammed full? In most cases you will be turned away or you won’t even want to deal with the chaos. 

Bulking up on OTC meds and trauma related first aid is a great way to be ready to handle minor injuries and illness at home. Don’t forget, you need to know how to use all that cool stuff you buy. A good manual or a little training can go a long way.

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5. Integrate Your Community

As we mentioned there should be a focus on the local. Now might be the time to gather some neighbors together and start talking about community response. Do you know how your community will react if supermarkets once every month? What if many of your neighbors find themselves without work. 

The worst case scenario would include dealing with outside security threats from those who are desperate for resources.

Before you can plan to become a warlord in the post-apocalyptic landscape you have to first have the meet and greet. Schedule something in person or on Skype if your neighbors are already self-quarantining or isolating.

In Conclusion

We are facing something that we have never faced before. As important as it is to be prepared, it's just important to be understanding of those who are unprepared. People are scared now. They are dealing with their stress in different ways. 

Be ready to bug in and stay put but also leave some communications open to affect your neighbors and possibly help them out, if at all possible.

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