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What Trump’s National Emergency Response to COVID-19 Means For The Country



What Trump's National Emergency Response to COVID-19 Means For The Country

The respiratory virus that was spawned in the Hubei province of China and has now spread all over the world is making impacts in the US. COVID-19 is officially a pandemic, says the brilliant folks at our WHO. It is also an official National Emergency here in the United States. 

Trump hit the microphone on Friday at 3:00pm EST to address the nation on actions he would be taking. His speech was thoughtful and was designed to alert the people to massive changes that would be coming as well as the appropriation of funds to assist in the recovery form this virus. 

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COVID-19 and Emergency Provisions 

The NEA or National Emergencies Act was put into place on Friday and gives the President a number of powers in a situation like this. Trump will use the powers gained by the NEA to modify rules governing hospitals and health care facilities. 

This seems to be a staging move to prepare for modifications to hospitals and treatments to better be prepared to deal with an influx of patients affect by the rapidly spreading virus. 

This act also will be used to waive or modify rules for Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Trump clearly used his business connections and prowess to call on some of the titans of American business to lend their resources to the recovery effort, as well. That was one of the most impressive parts of the speech. 

Hearing the pinnacle of American entrepreneurial spirit up there on stage doing the right things was very inspiring.  

The Stafford Act

Trump didn’t stop with the NEA. As he moved deeper into the speech, he also evoked the powers of The Stafford Act. If you pay attention to the actions our federal government takes during local disasters, you have heard of the Stafford Act. 

This is commonly used when things like hurricanes ravage a state or collection of states. Trump is using this Act very differently through a special provision in the act. 

Section 501(b) : “when he determines that an emergency exists for which the primary responsibility for response rests with the United States because the emergency involves a subject area for which, under the Constitution or laws of the United States, the United States exercises exclusive or preeminent responsibility and authority.”

We only see this type of power evoked during events that truly change the nation. Need some examples? The Stafford Act was used in this way during the Oklahoma City Bombing and during 9/11. This speaks volumes when it comes to the severity of COVID-19

To be clearer about what this Act will be used for: 

  • This gives the Federal government the ability to aid states in the distribution of medicine, food and other consumables
  • This gives Trump the reigns on providing assistance with federal agencies
  • President Trump also asked governors from across the nation to request emergency assistance to start the process. 

Because of the nature of the Stafford Act we could see a deeper dive of executive power. It’s likely we see President Trump work with each individual state using his newfound power to devise the right kind of unique aid that each state will need. 

These acts don’t even require reimbursement to these governmental agencies, so it looks like our President has positioned himself to be able to take as much action as possible to stop the spread of COVID-19 at any cost. 

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What Comes Next? 

At the writing of this article Justin Trudeau has decided to close Canada’s borders except to American citizens. Bold moves like these are being taken all over the world to stop the spread of COVID-19 and its damaging effect on the population and the economies of these nations. 

Donald Trump came out today to press the American public to institute their own personal lockdown. The president asked people to stay home and restaurants and bars to close. He expressed the importance of schooling happening at home, where possible. 

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There has been whispers of a more serious lockdown if we cannot stop the spread of the virus. Radical moves like transportation restrictions and mandated business closures have people unnerved. 

All this coupled with that fact that the worlds largest online retailer, Amazon, is seemingly hitting the bottom of their endless inventory. Today the company announced that deliveries will be taking longer than usual. 

Life is changing in a hurry. You need to be prepared to bug in for a couple months and start looking into a means of making some cash online. Don’t let your machine grind to a hunt.

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