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Prepping is not just about stocking up on food and guns.  You also need to prepare your mind and body for whatever life can throw at you.

Preparedness and Health

Consider this.  Can you walk a mile or more while carrying your bug out bag?  Can you lift your supplies, children, firewood, etc?  Are you dependent on medications that may not be available if SHTF?

Survival requires you to be healthy and fit.  And you can't just wait until game day to start training.  So, check out this video to learn how to improve your healthy so you can be ready for the physical demands of a survival situation.

Physical activities are sure to increase during a disaster. If you are not in good health, then your own survival would be more of a struggle than you might think. That should never be the case, as your life and other people may depend on your physical abilities.

Health and fitness should be part of your preparedness plans. What is the use of a bug-out bag containing every survival item out there, if you are unable to make it through the city limits or even past two blocks carrying it?

During the time of a disaster, your days are going to be spent on looking for food sources, searching for water, carrying supplies and protecting them. You may need to carry heavy baggage such as your bug out bag while evacuating an area of disaster.

You may need to help elderly or carry small children along the way. You will likely be carrying bags with food and supplies long enough to survive until it is safe again. All this require you to be on top condition.

However, you cannot change overnight from a somewhat relaxed way of life to something of an intense physical activity. One way to condition yourself for the activities required in the time of a crisis is be in good health and start doing exercises.

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