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When we say natural health, these refer to products from nature designed to improve your physical well-being. Between rising medical costs and the possibility of not having medical care if SHTF, you may be looking into alternatives to conventional medicine.  There’s things you can do to prevent illness, such as eating a nutritious diet, staying active, and getting plenty of quality sleep.  But what do you do if you do get sick?

Natural Health through Homegrown Medicinal Plants

Before modern medicine, illness was often treated with plants. It may not be easy to admit but some of these plants have proven to be effective. Proof of this can be found in pharmaceutical companies actually using the time-tested ingredients or adding them to their products. It’s amazing that you can still use these herbs today for the maladies they have been treating for centuries. There are many medicinal plants you can grow in your own garden!

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Planting your own medicinal garden is a prudent way to provide alternatives to modern medicine. Until pharmaceuticals were produced in factories, communities and homesteads had to grow their own “medicine”. This common practice was a natural part of the landscape and provided needed remedies for many medical issues. Oftentimes, a community would have a person that served as an herbalist and supervised the cultivation and processing for proper administration.

Growing your own medicinal garden is both rewarding and beneficial; in times of trouble, you will likely have limited access to pharmaceuticals. The learning curve when gardening can be steep, so don’t delay planting those medicinal seeds until the situation is critical.

Do you grow and use any medicinal plants?  How have they worked for you?  Let us know in the comments.

Disclaimer:  According to the FDA, herbs and essential oils are not proven treatments for medical conditions or illnesses.

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