Surviving an Active Shooter or Terrorist Attack



With the recent attacks in Paris, San Bernardino, Orlando, and Dallas, active shooters and terrorism have been at the forefront of many people's minds.

Terrorist Attack: What Do You Do?

For those of us who are survival-minded, we ask ourselves what we would do in a situation like this and how we can be better prepared.

The truth is, you never know where you might be or under what circumstances you could fall victim to a terrorist attack. Whether on a plane, at home or in a busy concert hall, there are a few tactics you can employ in a situation like this to keep yourself and those around you safe.

The video below will teach you a few ways to improve your chances of surviving an attack like the ones in Paris and San Bernardino. Watch it, take it to heart, and as always — stay safe out there.

How to Survive An Active Shooter

Here are the options for you when you get involved in a terrorist attack. You can choose from three ways to deal with the situation: to run, hide or fight.

If there is an escape path, attempt to evacuate.
Evacuate whether others agree or not.
Leave your belongings behind.
Help others escape if possible.
Prevent others from entering the area.
Call 911 when you are safe.

Lock and/or blockade the door.
Silence your cellphone.
Hide behind large objects.
Remain very quiet.

Remember that your hiding place should be out of the shooter's view, provide protection if shots are fired in your direction, and not trap or restrict your options for movement.

Attempt to incapacitate the shooter.
Act with physical aggression.
Improvise weapons.
Commit to your actions.

It is crucial to stay calm in case of a terrorist attack. Whatever you do and whichever option you choose, do not panic. Your state of mind can spell the difference between coming out alive and making fatal mistakes.

With this mindset, you have a much better likelihood of survival… But panic easily sets in and a riot can break out in a moments notice… This could be a death sentence in a crowded urban area.

Do you know how to survive a riot?

Click here to learn 10 riot survival tactics that could your life

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