Baby Wipes for Survival




I have 31 reasons why I store baby wipes for survival. They are inexpensive and may dry out, but you can fill the small container with water and still use them. I really want to have as many rags, towels, paper towels or whatever to have available if the store shelves are empty after an unforeseen emergency. If you have experienced a disaster, storm, hurricane or whatever, you understand this statement. The stores will be empty within three days, some officials say. I doubt anything will be left after 24 hours, especially the critical things we need, but I’m also a prepper. I’m prepared for the unexpected.

Store Baby Wipes For Survival:

  1. Use to wipe the private areas on babies or adults.
  2. They are great for mini-baths.
  3. Wipe your brow to cool you down.
  4. If they dry out in the container, use as toilet paper.
  5. Use the dried ones as dish rags depending on how thick and absorbent they are.
  6. Wipe down door handles or doorknobs to help cut down on germs and bacteria.
  7. Great for sticky, gooey hands, not so much for greasy, but hey….
  8. Wrap one on a the end of the broom to gather that dust off the corners in the ceiling.
  9. Wipe down those airplane food trays, I can’t imagine what’s on those…I better stop thinking about that.
  10. Wipe down your landline phones, cell phones, keyboards or anything else you handle often that may have some germs lurking.
  11. Keep a stash in your car glove box or somewhere else in the car. When parked grab a few of those baby wipes and wipe down the door handles and the steering wheel.
  12. Keep a stash in your pocket or purse to cut down on the germs and bacteria from shaking hands, but you have to remember to use them!
  13. Use one as a temporary face mask if you do not have any N95 masks.
  14. Use to wipe down your pet’s feet if sore or dirty.
  15. If you go to the gym, use some to wipe down the exercise equipment handles before and after using them.
  16. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil drops on one and put it inside your pillowcase and enjoy the fragrance. I recommend lavender essential oil, I just started selling Spark Naturals and I love them!


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