Uncommon Items For Your BOB



We all know the bug out bag basics…

Food rations, water, communication, clothes, fire starter etc…

But when you’re putting together your bug out bag, you should take other things into consideration.

For example: are you on any prescription medications? Do you have allergies or other health concerns? How about anxiety or nausea? These are questions you should ask yourself when packing your BOB, and you should prepare accordingly.

Other items like medical masks, essential oils, lip balm and other supplies are also wide to include in your bug out bag.

Of course you should keep in mind when packing your BOB that space is of the essence. You won’t have room to pack everything, and you don’t want your pack to be too heavy to grab in a hurry and carry for long distance. So you should always be wise when packing your bug out bag and make sure you are packing essentials that you will actually use.

The video below has some great ideas for uncommon items to pack in your BOB. Check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Uncommon Items For Your BOB

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