Solar Roads Work Better Than Expected



If you're worried about peak oil, we have some good news for you.  The first solar road is producing more energy than expected.

Solar Roads: The Way to the Future

Solar roads are just what they sound like: roads embedded with solar panels.  This test road in the Netherlands is proving to be productive and durable.  Hopefully this will help bring about a decentralized power grid, so we're not as reliant on our current, vulnerable system and foreign oil.

The 230-foot stretch of road, which is embedded with solar cells that are protected by two layers of safety glass, is built for bike traffic, a use that reflects the road’s environmentally-friendly message and the cycling-heavy culture of the Netherlands. However, the road could withstand heavier traffic if needed, according to one of the project’s developers.

So far, about 150,000 cyclists have ridden over the road. Arian de Bondt, director of Ooms Civiel, one of the companies working on the project, said that the developers were working on developing solar panels that could withstand large buses and vehicles.

What do you think about solar roads?  Too good to be true or wave of the future?  Let us know in the comments.

Solar roads are the best examples of innovative and efficient development of renewable energy that brings so many benefits. A solar road is safe, eco-friendly and inexpensive. It is responsible for its life expectancy, as it minimizes its reliance on fossil fuels.

It is a brilliant system that produces clean and low-cost energy. It can power up LEDs for road signs and lines. The panels can also function as heating elements to help keep the roads free from ice and snow.

Solar roads can be installed not just on roads, but also in playgrounds, driveways, parking lots, bike paths, sidewalks, and so on. And among their many benefits, solar roads help create more available jobs for people .

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  1. gnome_man

    May 18, 2015 at 4:41 PM

    It’s an interesting idea, but nobody talks about the process of making solar cells. It requires very strong acids and there is quite a lot of leftovers – waste. Nasty stuff, or so I’ve been told.

    Doesn’t the EPA consider old computer chips themselves, hazardous waste?

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