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How To Pack Your Election Riot Get Home Bag



How To Pack Your Election Riot Get Home Bag

It has been three days, and there is still no declared 2020 Presidential election winner. What can we expect to happen with this unusual delay? It's best to prepare an election riot get home bag to ensure your family's safety.

Why You Need to Prep a Riot Get Home Bag

The target has moved. For at least 8 months, we have been wondering about how it was all going to go down during the 2020 election.

From the inception of the mail-in ballot idea, people got real sketched out about how this could go. It seemed impossible for the loser of this thing to be ok with how it all went down.

At the end of the night on November 3rd, 2020, it was pretty clear that this election was going to take a LONG time to sort out.

Where we sit at this moment is in a contentious place where day 2 of counting ballots will likely not yield a winner. That means we are rolling into day 3. The losing candidate is going to demand a recount in any state they have lost and deem an “issue” so that is just the beginning.

There is a good chance these ballots counted in the latter part of this election are going to be under a microscope and could be looked at closely. It might make its way all the way to the Supreme Court.

Long story short, it might be December or even January before we know who our president will be! So, what does that mean to you?

Civil Unrest

Civil Unrest | How To Pack Your Election Riot Get Home Bag

We were assured that there would be some kind of chaos on election night when the winner was announced. Now, as I mentioned above, the target has moved and that means we need to look to the streets and see what the attitude is.

There will eventually be some kind of civil unrest because of all this. The big problem is that we do not know when it will kick-off. The longer the election is drawn out and the more contested the results the worse things will get.

I do believe the response to the unrest will be less relaxed than it was in June. I think we will see more force coming from troops and police in some of the wilder cities. Remember, our nation cannot burn every 4 years otherwise we have no nation.

Plan for Safety First

What if the results of the election come in when we are at work? What if the family is spread out all over the county or city at school, work, and friends when the winner is announced? If the world around you is not happy with the result, there will be problems in the streets.

Those problems might affect your ability to get home and get to your family safely. You need a plan to gather the family and a get home bag to assure you have everything you need to traverse the pockets of rowdy people and whatever else might present itself.

To understand your need for a get home bag and what your bag should look like, you first have to understand your commute. The 10-mile local commute is going to require a much different kind of get home bag than one that is 20 miles by the highway. These are quite different distances and circumstances that require different gear.

What does your commute look like?

What does your commute look like? | NO winner! NOW what!? What’s Next? The 2020 Presidential Election

If I were commuting 20 miles by highway, my get home bag might include a sleep system because there is a chance you don’t make it home in one night! You are going to want some kind of communications, too because you will likely need to let someone know you are not coming home.

The terrain of your get home bag will also dictate what you need in your bag, too! You could be traveling through tough ground or dense woods to avoid the highway if it is shut down or dangerous. This is going to require the right kind of clothing and shoes.

You will also need to consider the season when it comes to getting home from work in a disaster. Your get home bag should be filled with warm things. Even a way to make water or soup warm.

If you are passing through the urban territory, you should also have a method of self-defense. Don’t assume that you will be unharmed. Even if you toe the party line, rioters do not care. There will be more riots.

You might even consider some dress-up items that make you look like a rioter. A black mask and black hat with a black shirt will give you the look of the average rioter.

For the short distance get home bag, you just need to map out your route and include a few items that will assure you get there quickly and easily. One of the biggest things to consider is going to be a good pair of hiking or running shoes and a change of clothes.

For short distances, you might even consider packing a bike in or on the car.


Sit down and take your time with the get home bag. Build something that makes sense. There is no need to have a bugout bag masquerading as a get home bag. You are just prepping to conquer the long walk home or even a drive on a new route. Don’t forget the maps!

You should be prepared to make it home on foot in the worst-case scenario because this election is far from over and it will only get uglier the longer it goes!

How have you been preparing for the riots that may ensue? How will you pack your riot get home bag? Do share some tips with us in the comments section!

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