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Cheap DIY Get Home Bag



Cheap DIY Get Home Bag

Cheap DIY Get Home Bag

Putting Together a Get Home Bag Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

We all have our weakness as preppers. No matter how prepared and thorough we may be, there’s always an area that we could improve on.

For many of us, our weakness is that when making our SHTF plans, we forget to take into account all the time we spend away from home. When you add together work, your commute, taking the kids to and from school and other activities, you might even spend more time away than you do at home.

So why focus all your preps on making sure your house is well-stocked with survival items? Don’t get me wrong, this is important too, but when SHTF and you’re not at home, your home stockpile and even your bug out bag won’t do you any good. In that situation, you’ll likely be looking for a way to get home safely.

Enter the Get Home Bag. This is similar to your bug out bag, but instead of keeping it at home in case of emergency, you keep it with you on the go to ensure that you can return home safely if a disaster strikes while you’re away. The video below from Sensible Prepper on YouTube will show you how to put together an awesome get home bag on a budget.

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