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10 Preps For Post Election Chaos You NEED NOW



Preps For Post Election Chaos You NEED NOW

Election day is finally here. And as preppers, you have to be prepared for what may happen. Here are some preps for post election chaos to take care of.

Preps for Post Election Chaos: Getting Ready

What happens to the world after November 3rd? The president of the United States is basically the ruler of the earth. The power, military might, influence and history put that person at the pinnacle of society. Their will can change the world for better or for worse.

No matter what happens in the 2020 election, the world will never be the same.

The questions I want you asking yourself is: What will happen to my little slice of the pie? How will your community react to the chaos that could come?

Here are 10 preps that you need NOW to be ready for whatever might come following the 2020 election. Don’t go blindly into this historic election. Be prepared for whatever might happen and stay in a proactive, rather than a reactive, position.

1. Food

Do not wait till next week to grocery shop and put some extra food up if you don’t have that already. You are going to want to have plenty of food on hand in case things get hairy after the election. Truth is, we don’t know what is going to happen within a weeks’ time, but the general consensus is that it won’t be good!

Long term food storage items are what you are after:

  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Pasta
  • Canned Soups
  • Jerky
  • Oil
  • Flour
  • Cornmeal
  • Sugar

2. Backup Power

Backup Power | 10 Preps For Post Election Chaos You NEED NOW

If the lights go out, you need a way to get power back to your home. The supply chain to your town or city could be disrupted so if you find yourself without power and you lose the food in your fridge and freezers, you might not be able to fill those fridges and freezers up again.

What about temperature and weather? Can you survive a cold night in your area? Things are getting cold fast this year, so you must consider that, too!

This means that you need some kind of portable generator, backup generator or solar generator that can power the things you need when you need them.

3. First Aid

We are still dealing with COVID-19 and the hospitals are overburdened because of the removal of beds due to the virus. Many hospitals are full because of this new layout due to the distancing. Add to that some serious rioting and chaos in the cityscapes.

Are you prepared to be the family doctor if your family needs that from you? Stock up on medications and get yourself a manual like The Prepper’s Medical Handbook.

4. Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers | Preparations for Post Election Riots

Riots equal fire and fires can spread quickly. Is your home prepared to deal with a fire emergency? How about the people inside your home? Do you do fire drills?

Most importantly you need fire extinguishers to put out fires in your home. Many Americans do not have fire extinguishers in the home. They are affordable and an important prep.

5. Fuel

What do you fuel? You need gasoline for your vehicle, for your portable generators and power tools. You also might need things like propane for grills (great power outage cooking method) and kerosene for heaters and lanterns.

Now is the time to fuel up. Do not wait until there are lines and shortages

6. Firearm

Firearm | Preps you NEED NOW for Post Election Chaos

If you do not have a firearm for self-defense, you need to get that taken care of. Trust me, you do not want to be the person without a gun in a world where gunshots are ringing out into the night.

Guns are overpriced right now, but I would rather spend the money for a simple 9mm to keep on my hip than to face the next few weeks shivering in the corner of my home.

7. Emergency Radio

Emergency Radio | Preps For Post Election Chaos You NEED NOW

No matter what happens with the election and how bad things get, you must know what is going on. You must know what is happening in your neck of the woods. If there are serious crisis and collapse, you need someone to tell you that while you are safe in your home or at your bugout location.

Emergency radios are great one-way communication methods but something like a HAM radio is also a great means of communicating and asking for help or just asking questions in a crisis.

Be prepared with one or both means of communication.

8. Community

Community | Preps you NEED NOW for Post Election Chaos

You gotta have people. They don’t need to be your family, but they need to be the people who live around you. You need a plan, and you need to have their ear in all of this. The strength you have in number will give you the ability to repel threats from moving into your community with the intent to do harm.

9. Bugout Location

Things might get so bad that you need an evacuation plan and a new place to go. Do you have that? It doesn’t have to be a multimillion-dollar bunker under the ground with all the bells and whistles. It can just be a relative’s home that is 30 minutes west of the city.

You need a solution if everything goes bad and you must leave your home. That is crucial. Choose your place, NOW. Pack bags so you can leave in a hurry and pay close attention to the news on election night and the days to follow.

10. Wargames

Wargames | Preps you NEED NOW for Post Election Chaos

This is not a prep that you can buy but it is one that you need NOW! I am talking about sitting down and going through some serious scenarios and how you will react to them.

  • What happens if you are forced from your home?
  • What happens if your city goes on some kind of lockdown due to the chaos?
  • How will you defend yourself if you get in a violent altercation with a rioter?
  • What if you must spend the next month at home and all the businesses burned to the ground?
  • Spend some time to think these things through. You will be prepared for them.


It’s a list of 10 preps for post election chaos. I am guessing that many of them are things you already have. Don’t lose your mind about what is to come but also don’t step into this world blindly. We are entering a new phase in American history. That is the reality. Are you prepared for that?

The good news is, we all have a leg up on this situation. We are preppers and survivalists and we have been working towards this moment for a long time. Just sure some things up and baton down the hatches!

How have you been prepping for possible post-election riots? Do share with us your preparations in the comments section below!

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  1. male sense pro

    November 3, 2020 at 10:04 AM

    Yeah that is something of a worry for no reason… like why these things even happened…

  2. Kevin

    November 3, 2020 at 11:56 AM

    I hope I am right but I think this will all blow over like Y2K and Fukushima and all the other “scares”.

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