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power outage

1. Shedding A Little Light On Cheap Solar Power

lamps light lighting energy bulbs Solar Power pb Feature
Build your own emergency solar power for homes or outdoor use using only three affordable materials… Click to read more

2. 37 Urban Survival Skills

high angle view of cityscape against cloudy sky Urban Survival Skills px Feature
It is definitely a fascinating challenge to apply urban survival skills you have mastered in your everyday life… Click to read more

3. Make a Polish Army Bread Bag Kit

Make a Polish Army Bread Bag Kit Feature
Make an awesome Polish Army Bread Bag kit out of a surplus item that can be purchased for around $10… Click to read more

4. DIY Seedling Greenhouse Ideas

Seedling DIY Seedling Greenhouses pb Feature
Keep reading for some awesome DIY seedling greenhouses you can recreate this spring, even before the frost melts away… Click to read more

5. Important Trades for Survival

Important Trades for Survival Shtf Feature
What will you do once the big event has passed and we’re living in a post-SHTF world? Go into SHTF survival mode by learning these trade skills! Click to read more

6. Emergency Shelter DIY | Basic Survival Skills

eXVT3ndzk landscape photo of trees and mountain Emergency Shelter us Feature
All the emergency and disaster preparedness in the world means nothing if you don’t know the basics of survival skills like building an emergency shelter! Click to read more

7. Making Beef Jerky At Home

Homemade Making Beef Jerky Feature
Food is one of the pillars of survival. Read on and learn the art of making beef jerky. It’s a great way to preserve all that meat you’ve hunted in the wild… Click to read more

8. Sound As A Defense Weapon: How Sound Frequency Can Cause Pain

How Sound Frequency Can Cause Pain Sound As A Defense Weapon Feature
What will happen if we use sound as a defense weapon? This article explains the ways in which sound can be an excellent self-defense tool… Click to read more

9. Primitive Skills | How To Sight In A Slingshot And Score An Easy Meal

How To Sight In A Slingshot And Score An Easy Meal Primitive Skills Feature
Do you know that the slingshot is one of the primitive skills you must learn? Check out how to use one of the most viable survival tools you can carry here… Click to read more

10. Unusual Weapons From Around The World And How To Use Them

How To Use Them Unusual Weapons Feature
Knowing about a diversity of unusual weapons and understanding what kinds of objects might work as a tool of self-defense is vital… Click to read more

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