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7 Tips On How to Prepare for Power Outage in Winter



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Climate change has been prevalent over the past decades and winters are starting to become intolerable for some. So imagine what a person would go through if a power outage comes in the coldest days during the coldest times of the year?

Read on to learn how to prepare for power outage in winter.

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How to Prepare for Power Outage in Winter

icicle-on-power-line-frozen-rain how to prepare for power outage in winter

1. Prepare Food and Water

fermented-preserved-vegetarian-food-concept-cabbage how to prepare for power outage in winter

Hydrating and proper nutrition is important for our body in normal conditions and helping our body become stronger in more extreme situations is equally important. That is why stocking up and preparing food and water for survival situations such as this is important.

It's best to keep food that has a long shelf life and prepare cooking materials that don't require gas or electricity such as an outdoor charcoal or wood grill.

2. Have an Emergency Kit

top-view-on-red-first-aid how to prepare for power outage in winter

Just like in any emergency situation, it is best to have an emergency kit ready because you don't really know what can happen. In extreme situations, it is best to be prepared.

Prepare battery-operated radios or even hand-cranked ones, flashlights, first aid kits, and power banks.

3. Warm Clothes

woman-sitting-next-heater-blanket-on how to prepare for power outage in winter

Keep your warmest clothes where everyone can get access to and can be easily seen since you will need them regularly whether there is a power outage or not.

Prepare warm socks, hats, insulated underwear, jackets, warmers, etc. If you do not have any heat source in emergency situations, keeping yourself cozy in warm clothes can go a long way.

4. Prepare a Generator

portable-emergency-power-generator-cord-concept how to prepare for power outage in winter

If possible, have a generator ready to make your life more manageable when the power goes out during winter.

Make sure your generator is in top condition and is kept in a safe space avoiding any damages. Conventional generators run on fuel so stocking up on them should also be kept in mind.

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5. Winterize Your Home

woman-hand-insulating-old-windows-prevent how to prepare for power outage in winter

Before the cold season comes, you have to make sure your home is ready for winter.

You need to consider all the possibilities of what may happen during the coldest season.

Winterize your home by weatherstripping doors and windows, insulating your attic walls, and checking out the quality of the pipes that are running throughout your home.

You don't want pipes bursting with freezing waters.

6. Insulate Bed Properly

lazy-person-dont-want-get how to prepare for power outage in winter

Knowing how to insulate your bed properly can help you get a good night's sleep during winter even if the heaters are not working.

If your bed is made of wood and has a thin mattress, it would naturally radiate more coolness rather than keep you warm.

What you need to do is have thick blankets absorb the cold before it touches your body. Insulate your bed properly by sleeping on a blanket or a sleeping bag in addition to the multiple blankets you may put on top of you.

7. Watch the Electronics

connect-power-plug-electric-outlet-on how to prepare for power outage in winter

Mind the electronics plugged in when the electricity goes out and learn to unplug them from the sockets to prevent power surges that can potentially break your gadgets or appliances when the power comes back.

When electricity comes back, wait for a moment before plugging things back in.

Watch this video from Survival Know How as he points out a plan on how to stay warm during a blackout in winter:

These tips should help you keep warm in case power goes out during the coldest days of winter. Learning how to prepare for power outage in winter can be a big help for your winter emergency survival.

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