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13 Winter Survival Methods To Keep You Warm



Winter Survival Methods feature

Knowing a few winter survival secrets never hurt anyone. That’s why, we’ve outlined 13 in this article to help you when a winter storm brings in snowstorms, freezing rain, snow pellets, graupel, and rime. They can also minimize your winter problems like having to keep the heat in check at home, blackouts, and frozen water pipes.

Winter Survival Methods: Keeping The Heat In Check


1. Preparing for the Cold MonthsWinter Survival Methods

It is vital that people prepare for the different seasons of the year, most especially for winter. This article will show you what you need to prepare for your winter survival kit.


2. Winter Storm Guide

Winter Survival Methods

Preparing for the ordinary winter months is good. Preparing for a winter storm is even better. This guide will help you get through freezing rain, snow or sleet. Learn more about the ultimate guide winter storm.

3. 5 Steps To Prepare Your Car For The Winter

Winter Storm Survival Tips

We can’t stress enough that preparation is always the key to surviving extreme weather conditions. These winter weather tips will show you how to get ready for a major blizzard:

  • Put a winter supply box in your car.
  • Check your engine coolant and antifreeze level.
  • Check your tire pressure and tread depth.
  • Use winter windshield wiper fluid.
  • Switch to winter grade oil at your next oil change.


4. Learn How to Roll West Virginia Style

Are you tired of shoveling snow at home just to clear a path for you and your family? Well, this guy down south will show you how to do it in a jiffy. If the snow falling in your area is wet and sticky, you can say goodbye to those backbreaking lifting and scooping chores for good.


5. Cover The Gaps

There are several life hacks to help you make it through the cold without having to go through little winter inconveniences.

  • You can warm up your home faster by putting a frozen bag of vegetables on top of your thermostat.
  • Place an electric blanket on top of the clothes you want to use for the day before taking a shower.
  • Keep your house humid and retain the heat by not draining the hot water in your bathtub after a bath.
  • Economize on your electric and heating expenses by covering the gaps under your doors with pipe insulation. This keeps cold drafts from entering the room.
  • Give your wheels more traction during the winter by placing kitty litter.


6. Tips on Survival for your Homestead

Winter Storm Survival Tips

This article will show you how to protect your livestock, chickens and outdoor pets from freezing to death. There are also other methods to protect or at least minimize the damages for your gardens, farm equipment and other parts of your property. These are winter survival tips for the homestead.


7. Staying Warm During a Power Outage


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There are a lot of ways to keep warm off the grid. The most basic way is to put on additional clothing. But did you know there are specific types of clothing which can keep you warm much more effectively based on its CLO value and level of thermal insulation? The most significant factor to generate body heat is through increased physical activity. Here’s how to trap body heat to survive.


8. One Simple Technique To Keep Warm

People who lived in colder areas during the old days used this effective trick just to keep warm. It’s called a kidney wrap.


9. Keeping Warm When The Heater Goes Out

Winter Storm Survival Tips

Readiness is a must to prevent the heater from going out during the winter. However, even with all the preparation, there may be a time it might still bonk out on you.

There are several methods on how to keep warm after the heater goes out:

  • Staying as close to the kitchen as you can when using the oven
  • Turning on as many incandescent lights around the house as possible
  • Using candles
  • Closing all your windows
  • Keeping the curtains closed
  • Closing off any rooms to prevent losing heat

Read more about how to protect your house and family from the freezing temperatures.


10. Warm Up a Room with Terra Cotta Pots and a Candle

You’ll be amazed at how much warmer it can be in a room with this ingenious idea. You can learn to create your own terra cotta pots with candles with just a few bucks. You can also learn to make your own color block crayon candles.


11. Avoid Common Winter Injuries

Winter Storm Survival Tips

If you enjoy the outdoors during the winter there are a number of injuries you need to look out for. These common injuries are:

  • Falling on snow or ice
  • Muscle strain because of scraping ice off your car or from shoveling snow
  • Motor vehicle collisions
  • Accidents while doing activities or playing winter sports


12. Tips On Driving Safely During the Winter

Winter Storm Survival Tips

Winter driving can be quite a challenge for a lot of people. As accidents do happen, it is important you follow these tips to get from point A to point B safely.

  • Check the battery and charging system.
  • Inspect your tires.
  • Know your car.
  • Plan ahead.
  • Keep your vehicle well stocked.
  • Know what to do in a winter emergency.

Read more to know the details on how to drive safely when driving during the winter.


13. Learn It All in One Read

The web can provide you with a ton of information on how to get through the ordeal of a major winter storm. For your convenience, we have gathered all the information so you could go through them all in just one sitting on how to survive a winter storm.


Watch this video by AdamEater where he shows the warmest winter survival shelter they built deep in bear country:

If you’ve taken the time to read and learn all the aforementioned winter survival methods, spending the cold months with your family and friends will never be quite the same after you have learned all the winter survival skills. Preparation is everything and knowledge is an essential part of survival.

13 Winter Survival Methods To Keep You Warm | Winter Survival Skills

Have more winter survival skills in mind? Share them in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on March 6, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

The contents of this article are for informational purposes only. Please read our full disclaimer.



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    January 5, 2018 at 10:20 AM

    I really like this! I was wondering how you would heat such a shelter without a carbon monoxide or fire hazard or a draft. This is awesome! I might add, though, not to use wet stones such as you’d find in a stream. Some absorb water and will also explode when heated as the water within the rock turns to steam. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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