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DIY Cordage | How to Make Your Own Coconut Rope



Cordage and knowing how to make your own rope is a very important skill every person should know. This might just increase your chances of survival when you're out in the wild.

Cordage Using Coconut Fiber

“Skill is worth more than any modern survival gear,” especially when you're in the great outdoors. I’d like to share some awareness on how to make your own cordage from coconut fiber, which is very important if you’re in the woods and you don’t have any.

There are a number of ways and techniques of making a rope and different resources you can utilize. I’ll demonstrate a very useful way of doing it with limited resources and just a coconut to spare in a survival situation.

Normally coconut husks are just thrown away. This time, you'll learn other amazing things you can do when you bust a coconut open.

Watch now, then see the steps below

Here's a step-by-step tutorial:

Step 1: Draw a Line

Draw a line on the coconut from top to bottom with the use of a knife or a sharp stone.

Draw a Line | DIY Cordage | How to Make Your Own Coconut Rope

Make sure the wound is deep enough for you to easily break it open.

Step 2: Break Open

Break Open | DIY Cordage | How to Make Your Own Coconut Rope
Place your thumbs inside the wound you created on the coconut, then apply enough force to break open the husk.

Step 3: Prepare the Coconut Fibers

Carefully choose the coconut fibers you will use for making the rope.

Prepare the Coconut Fibers | DIY Cordage | How to Make Your Own Coconut Rope

The ones next to the skin are good, or you can use the fibers next to the shell which are very strong.

Step 4: Group Into Three Bundles

Group the fibers into three bundles of roughly equal size.

Group Into Three Bundles | DIY Cordage | How to Make Your Own Coconut Rope

Twist each of the bundles until it twists no more and just add-up to it if you need more length.

Step 5: Three-String Braid

Make a three-string braid out of the twisted bundles of coconut fibers.

Three-String Braid | DIY Cordage | How to Make Your Own Coconut Rope

Do it nice and tight.

So here's your strong DIY rope made from coconut fibers!

In a survival situation, of course, you can't make a coconut rope in a place where there are no coconuts. But this is always an option in the tropical regions.

DIY Rope Coconut Fiber | DIY Cordage | How to Make Your Own Coconut Rope

If you're stranded on an island you can use the rope to create a make-shift raft, tie poles when making a shelter, or probably just about anything that needs a rope to stay in place. This simple knowledge increases your chances of staying alive until you get rescued.

What can you say about this DIY cordage using coconut fibers? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in December 2015 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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