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Don’t worry no April Fools day stuff in this one, we don’t do that at TSPC, or do we, only time will tell.  Anyway time for another topic round table discussion.  This one is all from things I simply see and hear going on in the world around us today.  We will start with some comments on the current propped-up pandemic and where your mind should be in it and proceed to some other topics.

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Topic Round Table Discussion

Join me today as we discuss the pandemic, general freedom in a republic, censorship of the Goose Group, coming supply shortages, how long will Biden last, Crypto FUD, TV shows worth watching, and more.

Join Me Today To Discuss

  • How you should be thinking about the pandemic right now
    • According to the CDC, there have been 31 million cases of CoVid in the US
    • The infection rate is 6-24X the case rate, at minimum 186 million Americans have had covid
    • The population of the US is only 328 million, well over half the US at minimum has had covid
    • We know a large number of people have innate immunity
    • This thing is over from a major disease stance, take off your mask and let it die
    • This will not end until we grow the balls to end it
  • We know the things you can do to build immunity and they are
    • Loose weight mostly by cutting carbs
    • Supplement D3/K2
    • Supplement Quentin and Zinc – Copper
    • Supplement C
    • Go outside and live your damn life
  • Censorship of the Goose Group
  • Why I don’t think the Vaccine Passport will be what people are saying it will be
  • General freedom in a republic and why you should use it NOW (get out, get out, get out)
  • How long will Biden be POTUS, sadly longer than you think, but they maybe not
  • Why the crypto FUD will only grow from here and why MOST of it should be ignored
  • Shortages of everything will happen in 2021, however, don’t lose your head about it
  • Yes there are TV shows worth watching even from Lame Stream Media

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