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3 Great Ways To Use Dowsing Rods



Learning how to use dowsing rods can make all the difference in making it through a survival situation. Here are cool ways to use these fun and accurate gear to add to your prepper arsenal.

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Jaw-Dropping Ideas on How to Use Dowsing Rods

1. Finding Lost Items


Senior man search divining with the rod | 3 Great Ways To Use Dowsing Rods

Yes! Dowsing rods can help you find lost items that have sentimental value to you. To do this, loosely hold the rod in your hand first. Next, relax and visualize the lost item in your mind. Closing your eyes will help you focus so that you can channel your visualization to the dowsing rods.

Next, ask the rods to lead you to the items. You can this out loudly to the rods, or you can say it to yourself. If the rods are straight and steady in your hands, it will lead you to the lost item.

Tip: Do not resist tugs or pulls by the rod, as this is how-to guides you in the direction of the lost object.

2. Finding Water Bodies

underground water stream dowsing | dowsing rods

With a steady grip, hold your dowsing rods straight and at an arm’s length from your body. Here, the rods should not be tipped upward or downwards.

The best way to guarantee this is to keep the rods at nine inches from each other. However, Y-shaped dowsing rods should be held at 45 degrees upwards.

Next, slowly walk back and forth over the area being tested for water. At this point, ensure you are holding the dowsing rods lightly but with enough grip to keep them from shifting position as you walk.

Lastly, the butt end of the rods should be pulled down or rotate after detecting water. In some cases, the rods may also cross each other when they detect water in a certain spot in the area you are testing.

Tip: Like finding lost objects, visualizing a water body in your mind while holding the rods is an excellent way to increase your success.

3. Determining the Energy in a Room

Man dowsing with dividing rod to locate ground water | dowsing rods

Ever wondered about the levels of positive and negative energy flowing in your office or home? Dowsing rods can help you remove the guesswork out of it by showing you the energy path.

For this, enter the room in question while holding the rods, then like with everything else, try to visualize the energy and the path it flows in the room or space. You can speak to the rods by saying something like, “How does energy in this room flow.”

Follow any tugs or pull that lead you in a path as the rods may guide you to a good flow of energy and where there is not. But the rods should create a path touching every area in the room. Areas not touched might indicate a poor flow of energy.


  • Doing this allows you to set up the room so that energy flows freely, which is relaxing and uplifting.
  • Walk around the room to determine how the tugs relate to the flow of energy.
  • Consider rearranging furniture in areas that do not fall in the energy path to encourage free flow.

Pro Tips:

  • While dowsing rods are mostly metal rods, you can also use a forked stick, a pendulum, wire rods, or even a hanger cut into two equal pieces.
  • Alternatively, you can get L-shaped dowsing rods from most online stores.
  • Regardless of which rods you are using, always hold them at arm’s length from your body and nine inches apart. Also, maintain a loose grip as the rods need to float freely for accuracy.
  • Practice holding the rods several times before you can start dowsing.
  • After learning how to hold the rods, the next step is to practice walking with them as you need to keep them steady and straight as you walk. The rods should always be parallel to the ground.

Watch this video as gardansolyn presents on a dowsing rods guide for beginners:

There you have preppers. As you can see, dowsing rods are a survival gear you should always have in your go-bag. With a little patience and practice, you can use the rods to save your life and other people.

What other things do you like doing with dowsing rods? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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    March 15, 2021 at 9:16 AM

    Been using them for years to find underground water pipes.

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