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5 Ways How Bolt Cutters Can Be Useful During Emergencies



two teenagers 30 inch bolt cutters | Ways How Bolt Cutters Can Be Useful During Emergencies | featured

Bolt cutters are more than just cutting wires and cables. They are powerful cutting tools that can also be very useful during emergency situations.

Find out more about how a bolt cutter can be useful during emergencies, from breaking padlocks and trimming metals, to tearing away plasterboards!

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Bolt Cutters and Their Uses | Emergencies & Beyond

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1. Cut Through Wire, Fencing, or Rebars

close heavy metal bolt clipper red | wire cutters

Critical moments like fires are where bolt cutters can come in handy. They’re powerful enough to cut wires, metal fences, and even snap rebars.

2. Break Free From Shackles or Locks

bicycle lock broken bolt cutter concept | how to use bolt cutters

Bolt cutters can save the day for those who lost their precious keys. But depending on your shackle or cable lock, a standard and small bolt cutter might not able to cut through.

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If you have a max-performance cable lock, using a heavy-duty firehouse bolt cutter might be the answer.

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3. Cut Through Live Electrical Wire (If With Fiberglass Handles)

electrician bites power cord by bolt | mini bolt cutters

A bolt cutter can be crucial for life or death situations like this. Before cutting a live electrical wire, make sure your bolt cutter has a fiberglass handle to keep the situation from being bad to worst!

4. Useful for Trimming Metals

two car doors laying on ground | small bolt cutters

Accidents like car crashes need bolt cutters to set people free. A heavy-duty bolt cutter is a perfect alternative for hydraulic rescue tools in assisting vehicle extrication.

5. Great for Tearing Away Plasterboards

male worker using scissors | bolt cutters home depot

Accessing wall cavities makes a bolt cutter an important tool for rescue operations. In times of fire emergency, bolt cutters will help cut away plasterboard to access wall cavities and rescue people who are trapped inside.

Here’s an infographic guide of the different bolt cutter uses. Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy infographic for reference:

Ways How Bolt Cutters Can Be Useful During EmergenciesThere you have it! Now you know how important it is to have a bolt cutter within reach. Add a bolt cutter to your bug-out bag or survival kit because this powerful tool will give you an advantage during times of crisis.

Do you know other uses of bolt cutters during an emergency situation? Let us know in the comments section below!

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