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How To Make A DIY Pocket Water Filter [Video]



A man in blue down jacket filtering water for drinking from a river | How To Make A DIY Pocket Water Filter [Video] | Featured

Learn how to make a DIY pocket water filter to have clean, safe drinking water no matter where you are. Watch the video tutorial here.

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How to Make a DIY Pocket Water Filter

Why Safe Drinking Water is Essential

A person uses a lightweight compact water filter to pump safe drinking water | How To Make A DIY Pocket Water Filter [Video]

Water is undeniably a fundamental human need which becomes the most important element in life. Every day, each human being needs 20 to 50 liters of safe clean water for drinking and utility.

Safe drinking water is essential because it generally encourages people to live a healthy lifestyle. Contaminated water is not only dangerous, but it is also deadly.

More than one million people die every year due to water-related ailments such as diarrhea and cholera. These health issues often occur in poor communities where water shortage is a common scenario.

This is also true when you are in the woods bugging out or in the aftermath of the apocalypse. Safe clean drinking water promotes overall wellness.

Hydration is necessary in order for the organs of the body to function normally. The absence of water results in various diseases which causes a chain reaction in the cycle of life.

Because of this, children won’t be able to go to school while parents won’t be able to go to work. Getting sick when you are trying to survive is an absolute no-no.

Obviously, safe drinking water makes life more productive. Finally, safe drinking water is essential for food preparation and sanitation.

Feeding the family with clean food requires the use of clean water. Vegetables, fruits, meat and all types of food products need to be washed first before consumption.

Sanitation pertains to personal hygiene which should be considered a lifetime practice. Improper hygiene breeds various diseases and can also be the cause of a person’s loss of human dignity.

Thus, clean supply of water is what people need in order to combat diseases and at the same time ensure the health and ultimately the survival of an individual.

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Make a DIY Pocket Water Filter from Natural Materials

You can find different water sources in the wild. From the rain and rivers to streams and ponds, water is widely available.

Only there's the question of the water's potability or even its safety for utility. This is where the process of purification comes into play and we have different methods for decontamination.

In terms of the immediate need to drink safe water, we now have the convenience of commercial water filters, but what if it's unavailable? We now go to our reliable skill in self-sufficiency–our skill to find ways where there seem to be none.

There are many videos to make DIY water filters, but we picked this homemade water filter. This is simply because the water filter materials are common and ones you find in nature.

It is also very straightforward with a simple process you can easily recall.

Watch this video from Survival Lilly and learn how to make a water filter from bamboo and other simple and natural materials:

Without water, we die–this is how important water is, especially clean drinking water. The chances of you, finding water in the wild is pretty high though, compared to finding clean drinking water you can drink outright.

With this practical DIY pocket water filter video tutorial, getting clean drinking water out in the wild will be the least of your concerns out in the elements.

Do you have other ideas for a DIY pocket water filter you might want to add? Let us know about it in the comments section below! 

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