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Weird Trick To Effectively And Efficiently Conserve Water In A Crisis



No matter how much water you attempt to store or stockpile… you're SOL if you don't know how to conserve water and use it effectively… It's something that is all too often overlooked…

Water is a precious resource. For many of us, we don’t even realize how much water we use every single day. According to the USGS, the average American uses an estimated 80-100 gallons per day, per person. That's a staggering amount of water. If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have access to endless clean water, having to conserve water can be a massive shock to your routine – to say the least.

Conserve Water One Spray Bottle At A Time

There are tons of methods for storing large quantities of clean water, and many tools and methods of making water clean enough to drink, but here I want to focus on how to conserve the water you have. This method of conserving water is so simple and so cheap, it’s almost too good to be true.

I’m talking about a spray bottle.

Saves You Moneyconserve water

Feel free to laugh. Just go buy a spray bottle when you’re all done knee-slappin’. It doesn’t need to be fancy or large, just a small, cleaning size spray bottle. At most stores, that’s going to run you less than $10, and trust me when I say it’s going to save you A LOT more than $10.

Can Be Used To Wash Dishes

Running low on water but need to clean your dishes? Spray bottle, a little soap, and paper towels will do the trick. If the dishes have hard-to-remove food stuck to them, spray them down, let them sit for a bit, and then use an abrasive pad to remove the food.

Helps Conserve Water

conserve water

Washing your hands? Grab a spray bottle, a towel, some soap, and you’re good to go. It helps to have a buddy to spray for you, so you don’t get the spray bottle all wet and soapy. But either way, you’re going to end up with clean hands, and you’ll only have used a fraction of the water you would have used in a sink.

Conserve Water By Making A Change In Your Lifestyle

Need a hold-over shower? Spray bottle, soap, and a towel are all you need. A daily shower constitutes a massive portion of the average person’s daily water use. You probably won’t even have used the whole spray bottle by the time you’re done.

Watch this video by Howcast, which shows how using a spray bottle can conserve water:

Do yourself a favor and go pick up a cheap spray bottle. When the situation arises, you’ll probably come up with a much longer list of all the ways it comes in handy, but at the very least it's going to save you a lot of water when you need it most.

Weird Trick To Effectively And Efficiently Conserve Water In A Crisis

Do you have any more ideas on how to conserve water by using a water bottle? Please add them in the comments below!

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  4. Rose

    September 25, 2017 at 12:06 PM

    I lived in the woods in a tent, and I used 2 spray bottles. One with soapy water and one with just water. For dishes and pots I wiped up with a spatula first then a paper towel, and then the sprays. For personal clean-up spray the soapy water, and a damp washcloth, rinse with clear, and dry with a towel..

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