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The holidays are upon, and we bet you are most likely looking for Christmas survival tips to help you come out of the festivities well-rested and having had fun responsibly.

Check out this roundup of the most practical Christmas survival tips.

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10 Foolproof Christmas Survival Tips You Need to Know Before the D-Day

Manage Your Expectations

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Like in most other cases, expecting to pull off the ‘perfect’ Christmas party will more often than not lead to stress and frustration. It is more important that you and your family have fun spending time together.

Don’t get into debt trying to impress people with expensive gifts – your time is a much more valuable present. Remember, it doesn’t matter if things don’t go to plan as long as everyone has a fun time.

Spend Wisely

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With all the gifts to buy, parties to attend, and stocking up to do, Christmas can leave you in financal chaos. However, wise spending is a Christmas survival hack that will leave you with enough after the festivities.

Make a shopping list before making any purchases and set a realistic budget for it. Should the budget be on the higher side, cut back by going for handmade Christmas gifts or looking for online bargains.

Plan Prior

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Your best shot at not getting overwhelmed during Christmas is planning ahead of time. Instead of spending weeks leading to Christmas obsessing about what to do, start stocking up with supplies as soon as you can.

Getting a few things over along with your regular shopping in the days leading to the D-day is the easiest way to do this. As far as gifts go, it will help to have an emergency stash for unexpected guests arriving with a presents for you.

Ask for Help

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The pressure of hosting can be profoundly stressing, all the more reason you should ask for help. For instance, you could offer to make the main course but ask other family members to bring the appetizers, sides, or desserts.

Alternatively, you could bring in the kids to help around with decorating the house and arranging presents. The bottom line is not to do everything by yourself when you have so much help around.

Indulge Mindfully

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The holidays are almost always about food and drinks. However, this doesn’t mean that either should be the focal point of your Christmas get- together.

It is okay to enjoy a drink or two, but it is wise to keep an eye on your alcohol consumption as this will save you a banging headache the following morning, while allowing you to be present during your get-together.

Feel free to say no if you feel the pressure to keep up with drinking of your family members – you don’t have to take any alcohol if you don’t want to.

Focus on the Positive

People having dinner | Christmas Survival Guide | How to Survive Christmas

Having a positive attitude is a foolproof Christmas survival hack as no family is perfect. Think back on family traditions, inside jokes, specific foods, or activities you have enjoyed together in the past gatherings and try to incorporate them this year’s Christmas.

If not, keeping them in mind is a great way to approach your planned time together with a little positivity.

Try the Outdoors

Person wearing blue winter-jacket carrying snowboard| Christmas Survival Guide | How to Survive Christmas

If you find yourself dreading the boredom and strife that may develop after everyone is done eating and want to know what is going on in your life, suggest a family walk or any other fun outdoor activity.

Better still, you could go out on a walk by yourself, with a pet or a sibling. Physically removing yourself from the situation will help you stay positive. Also, a walk in the snow is a great way to bond with family members.

Setting Boundaries

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Another Christmas survival tip is setting boundaries – this is most effective when done before the Christmas get-together.

Therefore, it helps to have a family chat group on a platform like WhatsApp, where you can all agree on the topics that are off the discussion table. It also offers an opportunity to explain your actions during the gathering – like taking some time-out away from everyone.

While this might not be as effective in bigger families, setting boundaries helps your loved ones know what you are or are not comfortable discussing.

Keep It Short and Sweet

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Christmas is about spending time with loved ones, but it is also about getting the much-needed downtime to unwind. Don’t be afraid to be dabbed the sister or brother who leaves first.

When you feel that you have stayed long enough and small talk has overtaken most of your conversations, it is okay to excuse yourself to spend some alone time.

Don’t Spend Christmas Alone

People having a party | Christmas Survival Guide | How to Survive Christmas

Are you worried about being alone on Christmas either because you can’t be with your family or being single? Start planning on how to get through it as early as now.

You can choose to spend Christmas with friends who are in the situation, or you can join a friend at a family gathering. You could also offer your house as a venue for an event, so you have company during this period.

Tip: Do not turn down invitations during the holiday period so long you allow yourself to rest.

Want to your Christmas more fun this year? Watch this video by Emily Norris on 15 amazing family Christmas traditions to try: 

There you go. With this Christmas survival guide, you are about to experience the festivities on a mutually beneficial level for you and your family members. Remember to do everything with moderation, and you will be all good.

What other Christmas survival tips would like to share? Let us know in the comment section below!


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