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Winter Driving Tips to Keep You Safe | Emergency Preparedness



Car tires on winter road | winter driving tips

As winter comes upon the country, it's vital to you and your family's safety that you are prepared with the proper equipment and kits to be ready for driving and emergencies. Take note of these winter driving tips for your survival.

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Winter Survival Driving Tips to Keep You Safe

Check your car's tires and fluids

Car Tire Pressure Check in the Auto Service Garage | winter survival driving tips | Check car tires and fluid

A great place to begin with winter survival tips for driving is to check your car's tires and fluids.

Check to make sure that your tires are inflated to the proper pressure level. If in doubt as to that number, it is written on the side panel of your tires. Make sure the treads are good and that they are capable of handling snow and ice conditions. Many of the new tires on the market work very well but some people like to add extra traction with snow chains, snow shoes or tire coatings.

Inspect all your hoses and belts

In addition to your tires and fluids winter driving tips include making sure you inspect all your hoses and belts for any wear indications.

  • Verify that your battery is in good condition and fully charged.
  • Inspect the wipers.
  • Switch to a thinner oil that performs well in cold weather
  • Always keep your gas tank at least half full.

Have a winter survival emergency kit ready.

car mechanic leaning on a pile of tires and showing a winter driving tips on the clipboard | winter driving tips | winter driving checklist

Once your vehicle is ready, you should focus on what items to carry for any emergencies.

Your trunk is the perfect place to keep an emergency kit which includes flares and a first aid kit along with other items such as blankets, sweatshirts, a shovel, flashlights, water and snacks.

Practice Safety Winter Driving Precautions

Winter survival tips for driving would not be complete without discussing precautions that can be taken for actual driving.

  • Begin with making sure that all the snow and ice is cleaned off your windshield.
  • Clean off snow from your tires before you shift the car into drive.
  • To keep the wheels from spinning it is helpful to accelerate very slowly.
  • Make sure you decrease your normal driving speed and allow at least twice the distance when you need to use your brakes.

Remember that things you normally do without thinking such as accelerating, braking and turning must now be done one at at time slowly and with caution.

  • Make sure to never take any sudden actions and be ready to correct in case of any sliding.

Winter driving can be made quite safe as long as you are aware of winter survival tips for driving. By preparing your vehicle, keeping emergency supplies and learning defensive driving techniques you will find yourself among the safest of winter drivers.

Education and knowledge empowers people and puts safety first.

Watch this video of Smart Drive Test for more winter driving tips:

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  1. jeff Caldwell

    December 17, 2020 at 5:16 AM

    Tire pressures come from the sticker on the inside of the door panel not the tire. When the tires were made they did not know what kind of car it was going on. When the car was manufactured it was designed to be driven on a tire at a certain psi. That’s why you use a sticker on the inside of the drivers drivers door panel.

  2. rock boone

    February 4, 2021 at 11:53 AM

    Don’t drive on the ice

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