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How To Set Up A Survival/ Hunting Camp



How to Setup a Survival/ Hunting Camp

One of the ways you can prepare for a calamity or doomsday is to set up a survival or hunting camp. If you have no idea how to do that, check out the tips below!

7 Hunting Camp Tips

Many preppers believe they will grab that big bugout and head to the woods in a calamity. There are very few people who can pull that off.

That doesn’t mean you aren’t one of them. It just means it will be awfully hard to do, long term.

One of the most important things you can have if you are going to head out into the woods is a base camp, survival, or hunting camp. You must establish your new home base at the very least if you are going to have success.

What Is a Survival Camp?

A survival or hunting camp is basically an area that is designed as a home base or base camp for you and yours.

This camp should handle a lot of basic things. This camp should be the place where you handle most of your daily needs.

In hunting, camping, and hiking you can have a lot of fun with a base camp that allows you to see a number of sights and return to base camp for some rest and refueling.

So, what does it take to set up a solid survival/hunting camp?

1. Sleep

Sleep | How to Setup a Survival/ Hunting Camp

One of the most important elements of a good camp is having a great place for you to sleep. If you cannot get sleep than you are going to fall short of the bar in all other operations.

You will need a sleep system. You will need a hammock or a tent with cots or sleeping pads that stay set up at this basecamp.

Don’t forget items like pillows and covers that allow you to be comfortable and get quality sleep.

Sleep is a huge part of a survival or hunting camp.

2. Hygiene

Cleaning your body and keeping up with personal hygiene is a huge piece of maintaining yourself. You can run into some serious issues with your feet if you don’t deal with toenails and hot spots.

When considering hygiene in your basecamp, you should have your camp located near a running water source. This will just make things much easier.

It helps to set up a small area where you can store things like nail clippers, soap, lotion, Chapstick and the like. If it’s easily accessible you will do it. If not, well, it happens by chance.

3. Maintenance

A good survival/hunting camp should also be a place where you deal with the maintenance of your gear.

If something breaks or is not working, you need a place at your survival/hunting camp that can be reserved for the maintenance of the most important things that you need to have success.

This could be about sharpening broadheads, fixing cams on your bow, sharpening knives, patching clothes or tents and anything else that you need to do to prepare for the next day’s gear related with your gear.

4. Protection from the Elements


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While you might have a comfortable sleep system in that hammock of yours, you will need something in the cold weather. You might even need something if the weather gets windy and rainy.

A base camp is always going to need to protect you from whatever weather you might go against. To be clear, if you don’t have the equipment to protect you from the worst elements you might face, you don’t have a survival camp. You just have a play camp.

So, you might have to invest in a better tent, a portable wood stove, and those would be vital tools in a winter hunting camp.

5. Cooking

Cooking | How to Setup a Survival/ Hunting Camp

One of the most important parts about any base camp is your ability to cook food there. This could be a simple as an open fire and some sticks that you poke through food and cook over the flames.

Maybe you invest in a grate, some cast iron, maybe a tripod for cooking over the fire.

No matter how you set it up, you need to be able to cook at your survival/hunting camp. Not only is this about sustenance but it is also about morale.

6. Defense/Safety

The location of your camp is vital to your success.

If you are dealing with the setup of a simple hunting camp you still need to consider safety from things like flooding and the dangers of falling trees.

If you are setting up an SHTF survival camp, you are literally seeking out a defensive position that gives you good visuals and is on high ground.

Setting up a good base camp has much to do with location.

7. Add Your Personal Touch

Whether you are setting up a hunting camp to bag this year's buck and fill the freezer or setting up a survival camp that is capable of sustaining you and your family in the wild, there are a lot of things to consider.

The list of things above is the very base of your base camp!

To set up this camp, you can add a number of things that make your camp even more comfortable.

Personal touches are important. Maybe you like to throw tomahawks.

Set up a little range at your camp! Make this survival/hunting camp yours!

Have you tried setting up your own hunting camp before? Feel free to share any tips you have in the comments section!

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