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12 Budget Friendly Must-Haves For Every Beginner Gardener



12 Budget Friendly Must Haves For Every Beginner Gardener Featured Image

Here in the Lonestar State of Texas, warmer days have arrived! All of our local markets and garden centers have all of the gardening goodies and plants on display! If you are new to the gardening scene, knowing the right gardening tools and necessities to purchase is important to ensure that you have the healthiest and most productive garden possible! Therefore it’s important to know the budget friendly must-haves you’ll want to get this year!

Gardening can be a pricey venture but, it doesn’t have to be. A great way to save money is to shop online. Amazon is my go-to site for my gardening needs. They have excellent prices on quality gardening tools and other must have items! By ordering online, you don’t have to fight the hectic crowds in public which will give you more time at home to do all the other fun gardening stuff such as preparing for your garden.

For plant purchases, you can purchase seed starting kits online but, the more mature plants can be purchased at your local garden center.

In this article, I’ll go over all the gardening must have items to get you started and before you know it, you’ll have the garden you’ve always wanted – without it costing an arm and a leg!

Let’s begin…

Budget Friendly Must-Haves

1. Gloves

Every gardener should have a pair of durable, heavy duty gloves. I found a great pair on Amazon for only $6.99 with free shipping! Order yours here!

gloves in pot

2. Hand Held Gardening Tool Set

This 3 piece set is an awesome deal at just $15.77 with free shipping! It includes a trowel, a cultivator, and a transplanter. Order yours here!

3. Gardening Tool Belt

This 7 pocket gardening tool belt is a steal at just $14.99 with free shipping! Order yours here!

4. Pruners

These 8” handheld pruners are just $7.99 with free shipping AND it includes a free bonus ebook bundle! Order yours here!

5. Gardening Hoe

This particular gardening hoe is a best seller item on Amazon at only $9.07 with free shipping! Order yours here!

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6. Watering Can

Every gardener needs a watering can for their garden! This 2 gallon watering can comes in 4 colors and is an excellent buy at just $5.62 with free shipping! Order yours here!

watering pot

7. Gardening Tote

If you would prefer a gardening tote over a gardening tool belt then check this out. It has plenty of space to keep all of your hand held tools all in one place. It is just $9.80 with free shipping! Order yours here!

8. Garden Kneeling Pad

A kneeling pad is a must have for comfort! This set of 4 kneeling pads is a great deal at just $7.99 with free shipping. Order yours here!

9. Seed Starting Kit

This 42mm professional greenhouse 25 plant starter kit is a bestseller and it’s only $8.19. With an Amazon prime membership, you have access to free 2-day shipping! Order yours here!

10. Flower Pots

This set of 10 multicolored resin flower pots is a steal at just $16.99 with free shipping! Order yours here!

flower pots

11. Hanging Baskets

This indoor/outdoor hanging basket with 48 inches of jute rope is only $9.99 each with free shipping! Order yours here!

12. Plant Markers

Plant markers are a must for every gardener! Check out this great deal – a 50 pack of  6 inch markers at just $4.99 with free shipping. Order yours here!

**Please see terms and conditions on shipping information on each item before purchasing.

12 Budget Friendly Must-Haves For Every Beginner Gardener

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Do you have a gardening tip you would like to share? Share with us in the comment section below!

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