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Military Disaster Survival Skills | Survival Life



Learning military survival skills may help you learn how to survive any disaster or emergency. However, one has to go through the strictest military training before these skills can be acquired.

Military Survival Skills: Armed and Uniquely Skilled

However, not everyone is fit for the job. Only a chosen few get through and actually become part of the military. I’ve got good news for those who always wanted to become part of the outfit but didn’t make the cut. Read on and learn how to fire your weapon with military-like accuracy or survive the cold like a Navy SEAL.


1. Exercising the 2nd Amendment with Excellence

Exercising the 2nd Amendment with Excellence | Military Disaster Survival Skills | Survival Life

image via Wikimedia Commons

First of all, you should be keenly aware of the basics of firearm safety. Secondly, know what you need it for. Next, choose which firearm is the best one for you. Then most importantly, know your guns. Keep reading and learn more about firearms. Here are handgun reviews to know which six guns are best for home defense.

2. Firing Up the Fundamentals

Firing Up the Fundamentals | Military Disaster Survival Skills | Survival Life

Everybody was new at something at some point. This will teach you how to shoot your weapon starting with the basics. With the will to learn and putting each shooting fundamentals into practice, you’ll soon be shooting like the best of them.

3. Build Your Own Shelter

Build Your Own Shelter | Military Disaster Survival Skills | Survival Life

image via geograph

If sheltering-in-place is not possible, then you should be able to build a makeshift shelter with whatever material is available to you in your surroundings. This will protect you from harsh weather conditions even human and animal threats walking you up while you're asleep.

4. Handle an Air Rifle Seriously

Handle an Air Rifle Seriously | Military Disaster Survival Skills | Survival Life

image via U.S. Department of Defense

Don’t mistake this weapon as a toy. It can still be a great self-defense and hunting weapon next to the real thing. Learn the proper shooting stance and execute the proper shooting techniques with these tips.

5. Staying Hidden in Plain Sight

Sometimes keeping yourself concealed by blending yourself with the background using ordinary materials attached to your clothes or specialized clothing, can really be a lifesaver. You can use it in getting away from any threat, as recon to gather information from the enemy or an element of surprise when attacking.

6. Five Ways to Becoming a Superior Marksman 

Five Ways to Becoming a Superior Marksman | Military Disaster Survival Skills | Survival Life


Start by having an open mind and a humble heart. Oftentimes, the “biggest barrier” for improving your sharpshooting skills can be old learning habits and thinking you're a better shooter than anybody else. You have to unlearn what you know then start with a clean slate in order to be a better marksman. Want to learn how to shoot like a Green Beret? Well, here you go.

7. Successfully Hit Your Target 1,255 Yards Away

With the Applied Ballistics App, calculating the elements and successfully hitting your target with precision even at a distance of 1,255 yards is as easy as ABC. Learn more about how this app can do wonders for your long distance shooting skills.

8. Learn to Shoot with Both Eyes Open

These shooting tips will give you a better understanding and sense of awareness on what’s happening around you. This article will show you how to shoot with both eyes open. Gone are the days of shooting a firearm with just one eye.

9. Be Your Own Medic

In a disaster situation, there is a possibility of looters and other heightened crime sprees. Should you or someone in your family get shot, the hospital might just be full of other patients waiting to be treated and you won't get the immediate attention you need. Learning how to treat such a wound, as long as it isn't fatal is critical to your survival. Read part 1 of how to treat a gunshot wound and the life you save may be your own.

10. SEAL Out the Cold with a Unique Skill Set

Learn outdoor and military survival skills even if you’re in cold weather or any harsh weather conditions. Read more on how to survive the cold the Navy SEAL way.

11. Escape and Evade

Escape and Evade | Military Disaster Survival Skills | Survival Life

image via U.S. Army

Amidst the chaos, learning how to escape and evade from the pursuers is a skill which should be learned at all costs. Don't get me wrong, it's alright to stand and fight but when all odds are against you, retreating to fight another day will only get your pride hurt.

12. Search And Rescue

If someone in your family gets lost or abducted, the ability to track them down will certainly become an invaluable skill. You can even use this skill in finding your way to civilization to where evacuation camps are.

13. Watch Each Others' Back

As you travel in a group from point A to point B, there may be a lot of possible threats along the way. Which is why you need to move as one unit and watch the back of the buddy taking point or vice versa. Getting caught in an ambush or unaware can cause serious consequences. This way, you will be able to get to your destination slowly but surely.

Watch this video posted by the Greek Prepper where a marine shows us how to survive in an urban environment after a disaster:

Just make sure you give more than enough time to learn how to endure any disaster with the above-mentioned military survival skills. With proper training, commitment and passion for your craft, you’ll take any disaster with a confidence of a hardened war veteran.
Military Disaster Survival Skills | Survival Life

Practice makes perfect. Get your target practice in with these paper targets from EZ2C Targets.

To shoot like the best, you should be trained by the best. Check this out.

If you have anything more to add to our military survival skills, please don't hesitate to place them in the comments below!

Here is a list of secret prepper tips which might come in handy in a disaster scenario!

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  2. Martin J Hansen

    January 28, 2024 at 10:06 PM

    Forget the dream of hitting over 1000 yards. 95% of shooters couldn’t hit a sheet of plywood let alone a 10″ circle. First of all you must have the right rifle and caliber combination. A 5.56 out of an AR isn’t going g to do it, unless you are national champion level. If you are shooting for food most high powered rifles have an effective kill range of 400 yards. If it’s a firefight you are in. Learn to shoot quickly and accurately within 75 yards and you’ll be the one left standing. Hit a bullseye at 1255 yards and move directly to Camp Perry.

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