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DIY Cordage


Commentary: Cordage, Lashing, twine, string… you never know how far a little bit of rope could get you until you need it most.  This article will show you the steps you need to take in order to make your own cordage.

Many times you’ve heard me say, “Knowledge is worth more than gear,” when I talk about the great outdoors.  Today I’d like to pass on a little knowledge on how to make your own cordage, which is very important if you’re in the woods and you don’t have any.

There are different methods of making cordage and different materials you can make it out of.  I’ll cover one method of making it and one or two different plants that make decent cordage.

First, where do we get the raw materials?  As you may or may not know there are no grocery stores where you can buy rope in the middle of the woods; however, there are several plants you can use.


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