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Survival Flashlight Review: Zebralight H502 AA Flood Headlamp



Light. Probably one of the very first things a prepper considers when making a list of supplies to stock up on in case of an emergency. That famous lined, yellow notebook is brought out and at the very top “flashlights” is written, followed by “batteries”, “food”, “water”, etc.

Almost half of every single day the sun is shining on the other side of the Earth, while we bask in darkness. In today’s world due to significant technological advancements “flashlights” are shining brighter for a longer period of time than ever before.

Often overlooked when considering emergency lighting are headlamps. Headlamps provide hands-free illumination of an area or object. Being able to have both hands available to manipulate door hands, a tire iron, a firearm, or whatever is highly advantageous.

Enter – the Zebralight H502 AA Flood Headlamp.

The Zebralight H502 is an advanced light powered by one single AA battery. Unique to the H502 is the dual-use capability in that it can be carried and used like a traditional flashlight or inserted securely into the headband for hands free application.

zebralight headband


I obtained one Ray-O-Vac alkaline AA battery from my stash, installed it and began to play with the flashlight. Turning it on was easy – a simple push of the button on top of the light was all it took. Turning it off was not. I had to go back and retrieve the instructions with my manhood in check as I could not figure out how to shut it off.


Here is the lowdown on the operation of this sophistication peice of equipment:

There are three levels of brightness – high, medium and low. There is an additional strobe feature as well. To access each brightness level the button is pressed in rapid secession until desired brightness level or strobe is reached. Once it is done a couple times it is very easy. To shut it off -you simply click the button with quick “click” and the light goes off.

It really is pretty simple (once you read the directions).




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