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Oh, winter…

It seems like this time of year comes with all sorts of little inconveniences.

There are winter storms that freeze pipes and cause power outages…

Dry air that leaves your skin and throat dry and scratchy…

Snow and ice that make it harder to drive safely…

And of course no one likes getting out of bed on a winter morning and stepping on a cold hardwood floor.

5 Winter Hacks


The video below has compiled some “life hacks” to make winter a little more bearable. Check it out below.

Winter weather can be overwhelming at the same time unforgiving. Obviously the best way to come out of the snowy season is to stay indoors. However if you have no choice but to be outside, like when SHTF, prepare yourself by following these additional tips.

Your winter survival bag should include these items: first aid kit, knife, firestarter, paracord, water and a container for boiling it, compass, mirror, blankets, sewing kit and of course food. See to it that your bag or backpack is water-tight.

If a disaster or disruptive event takes place in the middle of winter and you happen to be away from home, find shelter as soon as possible. If there is no shelter in sight, time to build one. A cave can be a lifesafer but so is a hollow log lying around.

You will need fire to keep your body warm. Use small dry branches if available. To keep it burning, use thick wood. In case you did not pack any water, look for a source or just melt ice. Your fire is also useful as a signal for help.

Getting caught outside in the winter can be life-threatening but you need to stay calm and focused in order to think of ways to survive.

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