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Though it’s a bit early, one woman (and a whole bunch of kids) has already shown us what the holiday spirit is really all about. Worried about what the homeless would do during the coming winter, Tara Smith-Atkins, her eight-year-old daughter, and seven of her friends gathered winter coats and tied them to street poles throughout the city of Halifax for the homeless to claim.

The children went to distribute the winter coats during her daughter’s eighth birthday. “They definitely learned the importance of it,” Smith-Atkins told CBC. “When we got back in the car after an hour on the street, they were all freezing and crying for the heater to be on and complaining because they were cold. And they were bundled up.”

On Nov. 15th, the people of Halifax were greeted with this strange sight:

Tags read: "I am not lost! If you are stuck out in the cold, please take me to keep warm!"Whoever is behind this in downtown Halifax, you are awesome.

Posted by Halifolks on Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tara Smith-Atkins’ daughter and her friends hung winter coats on street poles for the homeless to take

The wonderful gesture was a great way to spend her daughter’s eighth birthday!


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