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What 9 States Will Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?



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What states will survive the zombie apocalypse? Find out if your state will survive a wave of brain-eating undead.

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What States Will Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

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1. Nebraska

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Nebraska is the best state to survive a zombie apocalypse. It has a population density of 24.94 people per sq mi and vast amounts of farmland.

The fewer people you encounter, the less likely you’ll get sick. It also relies more and more on renewable energy sources like wind and solar power.

Once the zombies cut you off the primary power grid, this comes in handy.

2. Idaho

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It doesn’t surprise that the potato capital is on the list of zombie apocalypse survivors. You’re far from other people at a density of 21.6 people per square mile.

Idaho permits open carry, and most know how to defend themselves from zombie hordes. Unfortunately, it happens to be the state with some of the loosest gun laws.

3. North Dakota

Sunrise over Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Dakota what states will survive the zombie apocalypse 751767370 ss

North Dakota’s the last frontier when it comes to historical forts. But, these forts also happen to be some of the best protection during the zombie apocalypse.

Some places even have underground bunkers that keep you hidden from any undead. One example is the Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile Site in Cooperstown.

4. California

California Oceanside pier over the ocean at sunset what states will survive the zombie apocalypse 783993376 ss

California has the best solar infrastructure and is home to Huntington Beach. As a result, the coastal city gets the honor of being the best city to survive the zombie apocalypse.

You’re bound to find more fit and healthy residents in this area near the coast. The Sunshine State should be a safe spot if you avoid the metropolitan areas.

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5. South Dakota

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Like the state to the north, South Dakota has some of the most bountiful farms. But, without many people to share the harvest with, your food can also last you for quite a while.

Make sure to sort out your energy sources, as it has less solar power capacity than other states. Other than that, surviving a zombie apocalypse in this state should be easy peasy.

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6. Iowa

corn field under gray sky what states will survive the zombie apocalypse 81nemsKg32I us

Iowa’s known for its large ears of corn, so it’s one of the states to be in if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse.

It also ranks among the highest gross receipts of farms per capita. Only the Dakotas and Nebraska remain ahead of the pack.

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the lowest ranking states on gun ownership. Better learn how to handle one soon if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse in this state.

7. Nevada

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Nevada’s vast deserts have enough room for you to run around if a zombie comes knocking on your door. But, researchers proved that Nevada remains zombie-free months into an infestation.

Don’t take a gamble of bunkering in the City of Sin, and the zombies shouldn’t stop you in your tracks.

8. Montana

early morning in the Montana plains what states will survive the zombie apocalypse ba7cJ4tZRcY us

The state with one of the highest rates of gun ownership should have zombies’ boots shaking. Its gorgeous mountain ranges and national parks double as shelters as well.

If a wave of zombies arrives from neighboring states, Montana has your back.

9. Kansas

Kansas grass field with windmill and cows what states will survive the zombie apocalypse 5Dkb 7 dVxA us

Kansas’s wheat fields are a great source of nutrition and a perfect zombie hideout. They can produce a ton of wheat even during the harshest of winters, making them ready no matter what.

With as much as 90% of the land dedicated to agriculture, you’re not going to be hungry here.

Furthermore, October is Zombie Preparedness Month in Kansas. So you’re safe when disaster strikes.

Ready to survive a zombie apocalypse? BudgetBugout shows you what to bring in your survival kit here:

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What states will survive the zombie apocalypse boils down to three things:

  • How self-sufficient they are when it comes to food, shelter, and power,
  • How prepared their infrastructure is for disasters, and
  • Whether the people in the area are overpopulated.

Whether or not doomsday arrives, don’t forget to learn vital survival skills. And before anything else, pack your emergency kit.

When the zombies arrive, get your gear ready and put yourself to work.

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  1. I had rather not say

    May 9, 2022 at 2:38 PM

    95% of all the people are ignorant of the true facts. Not derogatory. Just means lack of knowledge. Zombies are real believe it or not. They are not created from the dead by an unknown virus like in the movies, but are created in labs by the government from live people while trying to make super soldiers. There are 3 kinds of Zombies. The Voo Doo Z9ombie which is not worth mentioning. The other 2 are created by the government and are the Bacterial Zombie and the Viral Zombie. The Bacterial Zombie bites and tries to eat your face off and the bite will not cause you to become a Zombie. The Viral Zombie will bite and try to eat your face off, but the bite will cause you to become a Zombie because it is created using the Rabies Virus in the formula. About every 10 years plus or minus the goverment will release one to test what happens. One has been released in Florida and one in California. You may have seen the one in California on the TV News. The police was called to answer someone eating someone’s face off and shot it. The News as always covered it up by blaming it on some form of drug bath salt over dose. Thank God they did not call it a Weather Balloon like they cover up all the UFOs. They now cover up the UFOs by changing the name of UFOs to a different acronym. They have done this twice now already. The one good thing about real Zombies is that you can still shoot the real ones in the head and kill them. That makes the created Zombies real dead forever. I am retired now and no telling what they will eventually come up with. What if they were accidentially released or released on purpose like the Corona Virus 19 was? I know the truth and you will never believe it and I can’t ever convince you without my disappearing and I don’t want to do that like the other guy did. So I will leave you with only this bit of wisdom and you better figure it out and heed it. “It is better to have and not need than to need and not have”. It is not a matter of if, but only when???

  2. Astrid Winfry Rhineheart

    May 21, 2022 at 12:06 AM

    Everyone Knows that Texas will survive on way or another.Don’t underestimate The Lone Star State!

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