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The Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse



The Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

In the hit movie “Zombieland,” the main character, Columbus, is one of the few survivors of the zombie apocalypse and lives by a strict set of rules to stay alive. In the film, Columbus laments, “I wish I could tell you that this was still America, but I’ve come to realize that you can’t have a country without people. And there are no people here. No, my friends. This is now the United States of Zombieland.”

Though “Zombieland” is intended to be darkly comedic, it’s also a great way to emphasize what’s necessary for survival when it comes to disasters or apocalypses. So, to help you prepare in all ways, shapes, and forms, we put together the ultimate guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse. Let’s get started.

1. Be Overly Prepared

The best means of surviving anything, including a zombie apocalypse, is being prepared. Preparation can reduce the impact disasters have, as well as the fears, anxiety, and losses that come with them. For this reason, preparation is the key to survival under any circumstance.

To get a jump start on that preparation, here are items everyone should have on hand in the case of a zombie apocalypse:

  • Water supply
  • Food supply
  • First aid kit
  • Weapons
  • Medicine
  • Flashlight
  • Batteries
  • Communication devices and equipment
  • Self-defense materials
  • Basic tools
  • Blankets
  • Clothing
  • Personal care items

It’s vital to ensure these supplies are at the ready in case of immediate need, and that they’re refreshed and/or updated when necessary.
In other words, you should prepare them before the zombie apocalypse actually strikes.

2. Have a Plan and Know Your Escape Routes

Another key rule for surviving a zombie apocalypse or similar emergency event is having a plan. Creating a family emergency plan will ensure everyone understands what to do when the undead take over. It will also reduce feelings of helplessness or panic and allow families to remain safe and together.
Your family emergency plan should include:

  • Important phone numbers: Some essential information to consider for an emergency plan is access to important phone numbers, such as work, school, relatives, and even emergency respondents.
  • It’s also a good idea to set up a friend or relative who lives in a different city as an emergency contact.

After all, when the zombie apocalypse strikes, it’ll be beneficial to find out how far out the virus actually is. By doing so, you might have a better shot at finding unaffected civilization. Plus, if you warn emergency respondents in time, the zombie apocalypse might be avoided altogether.

Escape Routes
Escape routes are also key for an emergency plan. Family members should understand quick and safe escape routes in case the home is threatened by brain-hungry zombies. Additionally, adults should know evacuation escape routes to reach safety if staying local is not an option.

Emergency Meeting Places
Emergency meeting places should also be part of having a plan. Families should set up specific meeting spots near home, outside the neighborhood, and in a distant location so everyone knows where to go in case of separation. Just make sure meeting places don’t include an amusement park – and if they do, don’t turn on the rides (or risk attracting all the zombies in the area, like in Zombieland).

3. Stay as Informed as Humanly Possible

Information is power, and staying informed is one of the most powerful means of survival. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine which sources of information are reputable and reliable at different points in time. For this reason, it’s important to know how to gather timely, consistent, and valid information and communication – especially during the zombie apocalypse. A good way to start is by signing up with state and/or local emergency management offices to receive wireless emergency alerts and notifications on your smartphone. It’s also essential to adhere to public health department policies when water safety advisories are issued, as well as official evacuation or personal protection recommendations.

Remember: Anything could cause the zombie apocalypse – whether it’s something in the water, air, or general surroundings.


Surviving the zombie apocalypse might be complex, but it’s definitely possible. The key is being prepared, having a plan, and staying informed – at all costs.

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