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10 Zombie Outbreak Survival Tips For The Unprepared

Disasters and emergencies have been rattling our world for centuries. However, the frequency of these catastrophes has become higher the past few decades. But have you ever had someone tell you about zombie outbreak survival tips?



Disasters and emergencies have been rattling our world for centuries. However, the frequency of these catastrophes has become higher the past few decades. But have you ever had someone tell you about zombie outbreak survival tips?

It may sound like people have taken the probability of a zombie outbreak a bit overboard. Wouldn’t you rather be prepared if ever it does become a reality? As the cliché goes “better safe than sorry.”

Zombie Outbreak Survival Tips For The Unprepared

People can only assume that the worst is yet to happen. While for those that don't believe that such an apocalyptic event will happen, they will completely be oblivious. At a later part…will most likely end up…dead. If you want to live, you might as well read this article and get ready for any of the following zombie outbreak survival tips below.

Tip #1: Prepare an Emergency Kit or Bug Out Bag

The contents of your zombie survival kit should be able to sustain you and your family for at least 3 days. It may have water, non-perishable food, first aid kit, medications, tools, sanitation supplies, documents, some extra clothes and beddings.

Tip #2: Identify Your Emergency Contacts

A list of emergency contacts like your local police and fire department, the hospital, and don’t forget your local emergency response team. Having a contact or point person residing outside the state or city is advised.

Tip #3: Agree on a Meeting Place

Sit down with your family members and agree on a place where you can all meet when the SHTF. Desirably it should be located in the outskirts of your town or city. The location is essential should you be unable to go home immediately. For everyone’s peace of mind, you can have two or more alternative meeting places in case the first ones are overrun.

Tip #4: Decide on a Bug Out Location

This will be the place where you, your surviving family members and friends can make a stand against the zombie horde. It can either be at the top of the hill, on a boat in the middle of the ocean or on a deserted island away from all the hungry zombies.

Tip# 5: Have A Bug Out Vehicle Ready

Aside from the daily vehicles that you and your family use, you must have other means of transportation. Others call it a bug out truck or car. Like your bug out bag it should contain supplies and other stuff that you need on your way to safety.

Tip #6: Map Out Your Evac Route

Find the quickest route outside the city from areas where you frequent. As much as possible don’t take the main ones where everyone will choose to get on. You should have multiple routes starting from the shortest one. Alternate routes will help you get to a place safely in case the primary ones are all clogged up with cars and people trying to get out.

Tip #7: Have an Emergency Money Stash Ready

Tip #7: Have an Emergency Money Stash Ready | 10 Zombie Outbreak Survival Tips For The Unprepared

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Money might not be of any value in the long run, should the world be filled with zombies, but at an initial outbreak, it may still matter. Having an emergency stash can help you get the supplies that you need, pay someone off to get on the spot essentials, or bribe someone so you can get through to a safer route. You’ll never know when it comes in handy. Plus, prices may double or even triple during that time.

Tip #8: Gather Your Supplies

Assuming that you already have wide storage space and enough supplies to last a few years in your bug out location then you will have to bring only the essentials. If you haven’t any, an emergency drop at a planned warehouse or a place that sells goods by the bulk. You will need a big truck with lots of space if that’s going to be the case.

Tip #9: Gather Weapons for Defense

If you started early then you might already have an armory with ammo that can last you a while in your bug out location. Ingredients and equipment for making bullets will last longer. You have enough time to learn how to make a bullet when the zombie apocalypse occurs. Unless you have something better to do. If you started just recently, then a small arsenal is better than nothing. Stacking up on blunt and bladed weapons is also a must in case you run out of ammo. A tactical pen can also come in handy for CQB goodness. Get the Hoffman Richter Tactical Pen right here!

Tip #10: Run Drills on a Regular Basis

Practice makes perfect or so they say. Going through drills once every quarter or at least twice a year can be a family and friends kind of celebration or get together. Try to make it fun for everyone. By the time it does happen, everything will come as second nature.

Watch this zombpocalyptic video posted by AMC

There’s no other way of getting out alive by being unprepared. If you’re someone like that of the rich and famous then you could get things done with a flick of a finger. But if you’re unprepared as can be upon reading this article then my advice to you is to start prepping. If it doesn’t happen in your lifetime well and good. But if it does happen then you’d be thankful for having done so.

10 Zombie Outbreak Survival Tips For The Unprepared

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  1. Joy Frame

    January 8, 2018 at 3:27 PM

    I want to thank you for all you do. You’re a true Patriot. We are retired military, have only been prepping for a little while, but we’ve got a lot of cool things from you and some of your colleagues. Along with things we knew we needed, your ideas and lists are awesome! Again thank you. As you say we’re all in this together!
    Joy Frame

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    July 22, 2023 at 2:07 PM

    The odds on a zombie outbreak are very long(1,000,000,000- 1). They’re almost as high as the odds on the U.S. being attacked with E.M.P. weapons(1,000,000-1).

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