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3 Horror Movies Every Survivalist Can Learn From



Horror Movies Every Survivalist Can Learn From

Survival wisdom can also be found in pop culture – including horror movies. In fact, survival horror is considered a film sub-genre often featuring characters in dangerous or fatal situations while in locations away from the safety nets of society. For this reason, they typicality feature characters trying to survive via self-reliance, defense tactics, and survival skills.

So, if you enjoy horror – or you’re at least willing to dip your toes in the genre – here are 3 horror movies every survivalist can learn from:

1. Into the Grizzly Maze (2015)

After a grizzly bear kills several people, two estranged brothers join the official search party tasked with hunting it down.

However, their path takes them into the so-called Grizzly Maze – an area in the Alaskan wilderness where even bears are said to get lost.

It soon turns out the bear is tracking the party as much as they’ve been trying to track it, making for a trek fraught with danger and the ultimate fight for survival.

There are a few things we can learn from this movie, including what not to do in bear country, how to survive (and avoid) a bear attack, and even how family relationships should and should not be fostered.

2. High Lane (2009)

A group of urbanites follow their quest for adventure to the Swiss Alps and get more than they bargained for.

Despite having some relative skill in rock climbing and basic wilderness survival, their trip becomes fraught with danger as a feral human sabotages their every move in an attempt to hunt them down.

While you should still take everything in any movie with a pinch of salt, it’s possible to learn a few things from High Lane.

For example, the importance of having the right gear when heading into nature, dealing with injuries in the wilderness, and self-defense.

2. Frozen (2010)

No, not the Disney musical driving you crazy since your daughter started obsessing over it – this Frozen is the 2010 survival horror film by director Adam Green.

And what makes it particularly harrowing is the fact the protagonists aren’t fighting for survival miles off-grid… they’re stuck on a ski lift just out of town.

Oh – and because the resort is only open over weekends, they’re stuck suspended in frigid temperatures for at least 5 days – without shelter, water, or food. And their ski gear isn’t keeping them warm enough either.

If you’re wondering how to survive a fall, the dangers of a hungry wolf pack, and how best to survive in the cold, then Frozen is a good example of what you should and shouldn’t do.

The Danger of Survival Horror

Although this article looks at how we can learn about survivalism from horror movies, it should be made clear you need to be wary of taking any kind of survival entertainment at face value.

The reality of survivalism isn’t always as “Hollywood” as producers would like.

This means producers will prioritize profit over realism by dumbing down survival skills and their proper context.

So while survival horror can be entertaining, remember to do proper research rather than rely on survival myths and the non-experts using them to make their next paycheck!

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