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Survival Hacks: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Flashlight



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In a “zombie apocalypse” or any other SHTF situation, knowing how to improvise is a vital skill.

Being able to take everyday items — even items that might seem like “junk” to the untrained eye — and find a use for them is one skill that will surely help you survive.

Be the first to get your hands on the world’s best tactical flashlight.

In the following video, one of our favorite Youtubers, the Crazy Russian Hacker, shows you how to make a DIY survival flashlight from just a few simple materials. To complete the project, you will need:

  • Two paper clips
  • Two C batteries
  • A small lightbulb (like the ones found on a string of Christmas lights)
  • Electrical tape

Check out the video below, then try this project out for yourself!

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Flashlight


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