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Valentines Day Camping



Happy Couple in Silhouette Kissing near Campfire | Valentines Day Camping | Featured

Valentine's Day is fast approaching! If you're still thinking of ways how to make it memorable, why not take your camp-loving partner to a Valentines Day camping?

Here are 11 tips to make your Valentine's Day this year a romantic camping trip.

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11 Valentines Day Camping Tips for Couples | Decor, Gift, Meal Ideas

Love Date and Romance Spring Mood Camping and Hiking | Valentines Day Camping

Valentines Day Camping | Decor Ideas

1. Make Your Tent a Cozy Place

Young Girl Opens a Glamping Tent in the Middle of a Green Field | Valentines Day Camping

Transform your campsite into a romantic destination. This begins with making sure that your tent is as pleasant and warm as can be.

Look for a big camping tent so that there'll be enough room for the two of you. You may also invest in a glamping tent if you're in the mood for some luxurious tent living.

Of course, don't forget the bedding, blankets, and pillows so you can both sleep soundly.

2. Use String Lights

Outside View of White Glamping Tent | Valentines Day Camping

After setting up your tent, it's time to decorate it with some lovey-dovey accessories, such as string lights. These will help set a romantic mood, even if you're out in the wild. They're also useful, especially if the natural light coming from the moon is too dim.

Choose string lights with the following features:

  • emitting a romantic and dreamy glow
  • can be easily put up on tree branches or in your tent
  • solar- or battery-powered, so you don't have to look for electricity in the middle of nowhere

3. Build a Campfire

Small Campfire with Gentle Flames beside a Lake | Valentines Day Camping

What's more romantic than cuddling by the fire? You may even get to know your loved one more as you sit around this campfire and have an intimate conversation.

However, survivalists: take note that this isn't the time to impress your date with your fire-starting skills! Remember that your goal for this Valentines Day camping is to make a campfire quickly and easily so you can go back to snuggling your partner as soon as possible.

To help you out in building a fire, you may use the following:

  • solo stove
  • fire starter sticks or logs
  • pre-cut firewood

4. Play Slow and Calm Music

Photo of Boyfriend Sitting Comfortably on Log Holding a Guitar | Valentines Day Camping

Play some relaxing music to set a loving and soothing ambiance. You may listen to your date's favorite tunes as you dance slowly by the fire and under the stars.

There's also nothing more romantic than playing the guitar and dedicating a song to your partner!

Valentines Day Camping | Gift Ideas

5. Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Blue Inflatable Kayak by the Lake on a Warm Summer Sunny Day | Valentines Day Camping

If your darling likes water-based activities, then give them an inflatable kayak set! This watercraft can let you conquer mild rivers and lakes.

Choose a kayak that can hold two people and comes with high output air pump and aluminum oars. Also, make sure that it's inflatable so it won't take up too much space in your camping bag.

6. Fitness Tracker

Trail Runner Athlete Using Her Smart Watch App | Valentines Day Camping

Is your date health-conscious? Do they always monitor their physical activity? Then a fitness tracker is for them!

This tool can keep track of the intensity of their exercises, the distance they've walked, the time they've been active, and the floors they've climbed. This gadget can be helpful, especially if you're a couple who loves hiking, trekking, or mountain climbing.

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7. GPS Navigator

Satellite Navigation System | Valentines Day Camping

Is your camping mate a bit directionally-challenged? Do they usually get confused with directions? Do they have difficulty retracing a path? Then a portable GPS can help them navigate to their destination.

Pro Tip: Get a device that your significant other can mount on their RV so you won't get lost in your next expedition!

Valentines Day Camping | Meal Ideas

8. Heart-Shaped French Toast

French Fries and Fresh Vegetables Chopped in the Shape of a Heart | Valentines Day Camping

This recipe is quick to prepare. Plus, its shape is perfect for the holiday! You may also incorporate a more reddish color into the heart-shaped bread to fit the occasion.

Fry the bread in butter over your campfire. Add some cocoa powder and cinnamon to enhance the flavor of the toast. Then, top with cream cheese glaze for a yummy treat!

9. Dutch Oven Enchiladas

Typical Mexican Food Tortilla Meat Rolls | Valentines Day Camping

Bring a Dutch oven to your Valentines Day camping to pull off these enchiladas. But don't worry if you're a beginner in campfire cooking, as these are simple to cook. They can be done in less than 30 minutes.

They're also veggie-friendly, which is perfect if your lover doesn't eat meat.

Valentines Day Camping | Other Tips

10. Pick a Secluded Campsite

Young Couple Tourists Enjoying in the Camp | Valentines Day Camping

Search for a camping destination in the US that's situated in a quiet, remote, and picturesque spot. As much as possible, avoid big crowds to make the whole experience intimate.

Additionally, consider a location that's near a body of water, as the sound of waves crashing the shore can have a calming, soothing effect.

To give you an idea, you may want to take a look at the following campgrounds:

  • El Cosmico, Texas
  • Kalaloch Campground, Olympic National Park, Washington
  • Big Lagoon State Park, Florida
  • Doris Campground, Wichita Mountains, Oklahoma
  • Refugio State Beach, California
  • Patrick's Point State Park, California
  • Hunting Island, South Carolina

11. Do Romantic Couple Camping Activities

Happy Couple of Hikers Hiking Holding Hands | Valentines Day Camping

If you're spontaneous and prefer having no itinerary, you can just simply explore the natural wonders in the area.

Here are some activities you can do together:

  • Catch the sunset.
  • Take a hike.
  • See the stars.

Pro Tip: Pack some binoculars and telescopes so you can have a good look at distant views and look closely at the stars.

Check out this video by HGTV Handmade to learn about clever hacks you can use for your Valentines Day camping:

Valentines Day camping can be a delightful way to celebrate the heart's day with your prepper sweetheart. It'll let you express your gratitude for and rekindle your relationship with your mate in the great outdoors.

So skip those hotel rooms, dinner reservations, and fancy cocktails! Make this Valentine's Day a romantic getaway instead.

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Do you have other ideas on how you can make your Valentines Day camping cozier and more romantic? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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