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Is roast chicken really tastier than turkey? Find out the answer to that question, plus more scrumptious turkey-free alternative thanksgiving dinner ideas.

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11 Alternative Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas: No Turkey Required!

clear glass cups on white and brown floral ceramic plate | No Turkey? No Problem | 11 Alternative Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas to Turkey

1. Stuffed Pumpkin

Who says the main course of Thanksgiving dinner needs to be a meat dish? A freshly stuffed pumpkin is the underrated darling of the dinner table.

The good news? You can stuff the pumpkin with whatever things you have lying around – leftover meat, mushrooms, herbs, you name it.

2. Venison Steak

For the more adventurous of survivalists, a perfectly seared venison steak makes for a unique dinner fare. It’s hard to describe the taste if you haven’t tried it, but those who have swear by its distinctive flavor and aroma.

To tone down the venison’s gamey flavor, soak your steak in some buttermilk (or a mix of whole milk and white vinegar if you don’t have some on-hand) overnight. You can also season the meat with the spices of your choice if that’s your jam.

3. Roasted Lamb Leg

Bring in the taste of a spring day into the cool autumn night with this roasted lamb. Roasting a high-quality cut of lamb may seem a bit intimidating at first glance, but it’s surprisingly easy to do and doesn’t even require marination.

For the best texture, make sure it’s from a lamb that’s not too young and not too old. We especially suggest keeping the bone on your lamb for that extra hint of flavor.

4. Roast Chicken

The classic roast chicken is a standby that’s especially fitting for a smaller group. When prepared and seasoned the right way, it can be even more flavorful than the classic turkey.

If you want to take your chicken to the next level, stuff it with your favorite aromatic herbs and spices and let it sit for a while to marinate in its own juices. You can also inject some flavored butter just under the chicken’s skin to enhance its flavor.

5. Honey-Glazed Ham

Feeding a bigger brood this year? This glazed ham will surely be a crowd-pleaser from the skin to the bone.

It’s so simple to make too – just load it in the slow cooker in the morning, then it should be ready once dinnertime rolls around. This gives the ham that soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture you’re looking for on the first bite.

6. Wine-Braised Short Rib

These braised short ribs fall right out of the bone as soon as you bite and then hits you with its savory, wine-infused flavor. Talk about the ultimate luxury!

The good news? They taste even better as leftovers once the wine has been given even more time to marinade!

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7. Thanksgiving Lasagna

Make the most out of your fall harvest this Thanksgiving with this lasagna. The smoky, buttery flavor of roasted pumpkins, plus layers of gooey cheese makes this quite a hit at the dinner table.

8. Pan-Fried Fish Fillet

Who says fish can’t be the main course? Using a cast-iron skillet, plus a generous helping of flavored butter and herbs, you can whip up a fresh fish dish faster than thawing a large turkey.

If you have easy access to a fresh catch, why not show off your hard-earned survival skills and fillet your own fish? Now that’s an impressive alternative Thanksgiving dinner idea!

9. Thanksgiving Pot Pie

Pot pies are the ultimate comfort food and this version is no exception. Be ready to dig into that flaky, buttery crust and some rich comforting gravy with every bite.

It’s a great way to stuff all your favorite flavors in one hearty dish.

10. Beef Wellington

There’s a reason the classic Beef Wellington stands the test of time – the tender beef, combined with the flaky puff pastry and rich mushroom flavor makes it the ultimate holiday showstopper both then and now.

11. Pork Crown Roast

If you want your dinner table to make a statement, look no further than the crown roast. To save on time, have your butcher prepare the tie the meat for you in advance, then just prepare the stuffing of your choice.

Want one more turkey-free thanksgiving alternative? Here’s a roast beef recipe from Terri-Ann’s Kitchen:

These scrumptious alternative Thanksgiving dinner ideas show that you don’t need a stuffed bird for a complete holiday meal. Just remember to enjoy, make new memories, and celebrate a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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What’s your main course this Thanksgiving season? Show off your dish in the comments section below!

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