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UST ParaCuda FS Knife Review



UST ParaCude FS Knife Review

A Great Multipurpose Survival Knife at an Affordable Price

UST ParaCuda FS Knife is simply a machete knife with a paracord handle. This product features a sheath, a paracord handle, a fire starter, and a saw on one side of the knife. The knife is 11 inches long and quite sharp.

UST ParaCuda FS

The knife can be purchased online from Amazon or from Walmart. You can also buy it directly from UST's website.

The price of the knife is around$15-$20, depending on where you buy it. It is well worth the money.

Here are the pros and cons of the UST ParaCuda SF knife.


  • Includes a flint & steel fire starter with built-in holder on the included sheath.
Fire starter included in the sheath.

Fire starter included in the sheath.

  • Paracord wrapped handle has about 10 feet of cord (9.5 feet to be exact.)

UST ParaCuda FS paracord handle

  • Reasonably sharp.
  • Includes saw teeth which is a nice perk in a survival situation.
Sawing teeth.

Sawing teeth.

  • Weighs very little.
  • Constructed of strong stainless steel.
Stainless steel blade.

Stainless steel blade.

  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Cuts through medium sized branches and smaller.


  • The paracord handle is not a comfortable grip.
UST ParaCuda FS paracord handle 2

The paracord doesn't offer the most comfortable grip and sometimes slides off while the knife is in use.

  • The paracord tends to slide off the knife while in use. It may come undone. I would suggest duct taping the paracord handle to tighten it up, and the paracord will have a more comfortable grip too. In a survival situation, it will also give you some fire tinder, since duct tape does burn really well.
  • The knife doesn’t slide into the sheath smoothly. It is rather hard to slide in and does not come out easily.
The sheath leaves something to be desired.

The sheath leaves something to be desired.

  • The sheath seems to be made from cheap materials.
  • The orange paracord handle can get ugly. Dirty hands will darken the paracord making it look dirty.

I’d give this product 3.5 out of 5 stars. It has rather minor cons but overall it is a good knife. It is sharp and useful.

The UST ParaCuda FS Knife does its job and is a great tool to have with you while hunting, hiking, and camping.

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