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Ukraine Invasion 2022 Survival Prepping Lessons



War of Russia Against Ukraine | Ukraine Invasion 2022 | Featured

The Ukraine invasion 2022 is a gut-wrenching and unsettling event that has shocked the world. At the same time, it has captured the attention of many preppers, as it has emphasized the importance of being prepared for any eventuality.

In this article, we will talk about some critical lessons we can learn so far from this conflict, so you can quickly adapt to any survival situation.

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9 Survival Lessons to Learn from the Ukraine Invasion 2022

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Russian Army Aviation Bombed Civilian Objects | Ukraine Invasion 2022

1. Have Cash on Hand

Man Holding Wallet with Credit Cards and Stack of Money | Ukraine Invasion 2022

One way to survive a disruption such as the Ukraine invasion 2022 is not rocket science. You just have to set aside some cash and keep a decent amount handy.

Preparing cash is a smart move all preppers must do. Because once the power lines go out due to a disruption, you cannot carry out digital transactions.

You may be all for using debit and credit cards and maximizing their perks, but you cannot use them once the systems go down. These digital currencies require the support of infrastructures running on electricity.

With this, you have to keep cash that can cover your one or two weeks' worth of supplies. This will allow you to buy more food and other supplies you will need, such as gas. Because even if there is a power outage, some gasoline stations can still pump gas using generators or from their underground tanks.

But the thing is that these stations, as well as supermarkets, might accept only paper currency.

2. Build an Emergency Food and Water Supply

Woman Wearing Face Mask Buying Bottled Water in Supermarket | Ukraine Invasion 2022

If you have to evacuate, make sure that you have enough food and water supply with you.

Pack easy, lightweight food that you can carry in your backpack and can help you get through at least three days.

Some foods that you may take with you are:

  • granolas or cereals
  • crackers
  • protein bars
  • dried fruits
  • nuts
  • canned fruits, vegetables, and meats

As for water, prepare at least three gallons per person. Additionally, do not forget to bring water purifiers with you, such as water purification tablets. There are also water-purifying straws available as an alternative.

These ultra-light and portable filtration systems are useful for survival situations. They allow you to drink water, let us say, from streams and creeks, which might contain harmful parasites, viruses, and bacteria.

3. Prepare Your Medicine Supplies

First Aid Kit on Gray Background | Ukraine Invasion 2022

Wars, like the Ukraine invasion 2022, can turn every survivalist's life upside down. This is why you have to be ready to face the challenges when SHTF.

Being prepared is what you need to survive. And a good prepper must-have supplies on hand, especially a medical kit. With these medications, you can manage the injuries caused by a harsh environment.

For a more efficient medical kit, you must prepare the following supplies:

  • general supplies and hemorrhage kits, like surgical or bandage scissors, cotton balls or pads, gauze packs, bandage rolls and clips, and tourniquets
  • medicines and supplements, such as the drugs you are currently taking

4. Do Not Let Your Fuel Tank Run Low

Car Fueling | Ukraine Invasion 2022

So you have already prepared your backpack containing all the essential items you need. And you are thinking of fleeing from the conflict zones, or even leaving your country, as hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian civilians did. But if your car is running out of gas, you will be in trouble.

This is why you always have to keep your gas tank half-full. Yes, you might need to spend more time to stop and get gas from time to time, but this will be beneficial to you, especially when a cataclysmic event happens.

Keep in mind that the more fuel your car has, the farther you can get away from your current location.

5. Identify the Vulnerabilities of Your Community

Young Sad Man Standing by the Window | Ukraine Invasion 2022

Of course, there is nothing pleasant about invasions, as it leaves civilians in the middle of a conflict. But what if you find out that you live near a military target?

This is where understanding the vulnerabilities of your place comes in.

If you want to fully prepare yourself for all types of occasions, look around you, and consider the hazardous events that might occur in your local area.

For instance, living near a major military base is a vulnerability, as you can get caught in the middle of a crossfire. Additionally, you may also want to avoid living near bridges, as these can get fired on or blown up.

But this does not apply to invasions only.

There are other geologic hazards that you may also want to consider, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. So you may also want to avoid living at the foot of an active volcano.

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6. Leave Early

Passenger Looking for a Flight on a Timetable | Ukraine Invasion 2022

One of the most important lessons to learn from the Ukraine invasion 2022 is to get away from danger as soon as possible.

You may also apply this practice to other types of disasters, like wildfires and hurricanes. Consider advanced notices given to you as a warning, and evacuate early to a safer area.

Do not waste your time, efforts, and resources. Remember that your life is on the line here. And if you do not want to end up like some Ukrainians who are trapped in their cities and are desperate to escape, you have to act fast.

7. Have a Backup Plan

Young Millennial Male Student Searching Information Using Laptop | Ukraine Invasion 2022

You must have backup plans aside from your existing plans.

For example, you are thinking of evacuating from a city under siege through the main road. However, that thoroughfare becomes clogged, just like what happened in Kyiv, wherein highways became gridlocked and jam-packed.

As an alternative, you may pass through small roadways so you won't get trapped on the freeway.

You see, your backup plan does not need to be intricate. What's important is that it is adaptable, flexible, and easy to remember. After all, “the simplest solution is almost always the best.”

8. Prepare a Family Emergency Plan

Mother Explaining to Her Family the Assembly Point Map | Ukraine Invasion 2022

What would you do if disaster strikes while you are working, your partner is in another city, and your children are at your home?

Responding to a crisis with your loved ones at your side is one thing, but handling it when your family members are far from you is another thing.

Sadly, this is what some Ukrainians are experiencing right now.

This is why you have to bring your family together, talk calmly, and create a family plan in case of an emergency.

This master plan must include:

  • contact numbers of police, fire, school, work, as well as your relatives
  • an emergency meeting spot
  • an escape route at your home

9. Learn Basic Survival Skills

First Aid Training | Ukraine Invasion 2022

Perhaps one of the most frightening parts of the Ukraine invasion 2022 was conscripting reservists or most of the male citizenry aged 16-80.

What's more, they had to train and equip themselves within a short period before engaging in combat against well-trained Russian soldiers.

Some of them have never held an assault rifle before or even experienced a fist fight!

Your current situation may not force you to join the military, but if you want to survive in extreme circumstances, you must be skilled and self-reliant.

Here are some of the skill sets you need to develop so you can have a better chance of surviving dangerous situations:

  • basic first aid skills
  • basic land navigation skills
  • shelter building skills
  • combative skills

Check out this video by VICE News as Ukrainian soldiers prepare for the Russian troops and their military hardware:

The Ukraine invasion of 2022 has reminded every prepper that unexpected things can happen, which can quickly change your life.

Here's an infographic guide that you can use. Feel free to download, save and share it with your loved ones:
9 Survival Prepping Lessons

Do not wait for another crisis to happen. Prepare your survival kits as early as now, so you can deal with any chaotic and evolving situation that you might face in the future.

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What are the other survival prepping tips you have learned from the Ukraine invasion 2022? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! 

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