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Invasion Survival Kit | How to Survive a Home Invasion



vandalism concept closeup intruder wearing black invasion survival kit | Featured Image

Having a home invasion survival kit and knowing what to do when robbers break into your house is extremely important. These home invasions often lead to worse crimes like kidnapping, rape, and murder.

Learn how to deal with the bad guys and Prepare for yourself and your loved ones with this invasion survival kit before they get to you.

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Invasion Survival Kit and Guide to Protect Your Home and Family

con man picking lock black leather | Invasion Survival Kit and Guide to Protect Your Home and Family | invasion survival kit

1. Establish a Safe Room

closeup woman's finger entering password code | Establish a Safe Room | invasion survival kit

Establishing a “safe room” should be your priority while planning precautions for an invasion. The point of the room is that your family can take shelter in case of an emergency.

The door should be fitted with a deadbolt lock, so it can be locked easily upon entry.

2. Keep Your Phone By Your Side

hand holding smartphone emergency number 911 | Keep Your Phone By Your Side | invasion survival kit

Having a telephone in your safe room and your invasion survival kit is mandatory so that you can call the police.

One thing to keep in mind is that phone service providers provide telephone services along with television services, and they operate off-dish services.

This means that the wires to these can be severed, rendering your phone useless.

The solution to this is to keep a secondary phone or use a cell phone to keep in the safe room.

3. Have a Safe in Your Safe Room

hands senior man entering secret combination | Have a Safe in Your Safe Room | invasion survival kit

A safe room must have a safe or a lockbox inside with a loaded handgun, which is easily accessible.

Keep practice drills for running to the room, unlocking the lockbox, and getting ready to shoot.

A spare key to the lockbox is also a must-have inside the safe room and your invasion survival kit.

4. Arm Yourself

three pistols open safe | Arm Yourself | invasion survival kit

Do not hesitate to use a pump-action shotgun as your first preference for a gun.

Firing a couple of rounds out your back window can instill fear in the intruders. Please also read gun licensing laws before you purchase any firearm.

5. Wait Until Help Arrives

handsome security guard surveillance room | Wait Until Help Arrives | invasion survival kit

You and your family must stay in the safe room until help arrives.

The invaders might not know that you are in your safe room unless they already have heard gunshots or they know that you are inside the house, which gives you an advantage over them.

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6. Always Be Prepared for a Gun Fight

self defense concept homeowner ready fight | Always Be Prepared for a Gun Fight | invasion survival kit

If anyone finds out about your safe room during the invasion, they will try to break into the room. In such a situation, you should have already placed a few heavy pieces of furniture, which can be easily slid in front of the door.

You can also use lumber which can be used to leverage the furniture against the opposite wall, preventing the furniture from sliding back.

7. Use a Bullhorn to Scare Intruders Away

man bed shouting through megaphone | Use a Bullhorn to Scare Intruders Away | invasion survival kit

Bullhorns can be used either at the beginning of an invasion or during the invasion.

In the beginning, it can be used as an alert to your family that an invasion is taking place, or you can use a siren feature that most bullhorns have.

This might fool your intruders into thinking that they might have tripped off a home security system, causing them to flee thinking that the police might be on their way.

8. Always Have a Backup Plan

evil criminal rob house enter through | Always Have a Backup Plan | invasion survival kit

As soon as you realize that a home invasion is taking place, shout out the emergency code word which signals your family members to run to and take shelter in the safe room.

Lock the door once you are inside. You can also have a window that has easy access to the ground.

You should listen quietly and stay silent in the room as there is always a chance that the invaders might be trained at moving silently through the house.

This greatly increases the dangers you are faced with.

Scan your property through the window, making sure that none of the burglars or the invaders are outside, and then you can take your chance at making your escape.

If you have a wife and kids, let your wife go out first and hold out the kids to her, making it easier for all of you to get to safety.

Always have a planned escape route in mind if you want to use the back window strategy to escape a home invasion.

9. Distance Yourself From The Home Invaders

theft concept hiding homeowner catches criminal | Distance Yourself From The Home Invaders | invasion survival kit

In some situations, home invaders might not be burglars. They might be kidnappers or murderers who are after you.

There is a chance that they might have been watching you for a long period, and are after something valuable.

The trick is to put as much distance between yourself and the burglars if you find out that they are after your life.

10. Decoys Can Reduce the Chances of Home Invasion

warning sign dangerous dog | Decoys Can Reduce the Chances of Home Invasion | invasion survival kit

A former CIA guy suggested using decoys to ward off home invaders. These tips probably work best for invaders who are new to the business.

One effective decoy is to put a dog bowl outside your front door, a leash, and a sign saying something like: My Best Friend is a Rottweiler. Many invaders will choose a house that is not home to a large dog.

The trick to this tip is to make your house look more and more like there is a canine living in the house, even if you do not have one – this will decrease your chances of being invaded and increase your security. Of course, the only thing better than using a canine decoy is having an actual canine in the house.

Having a trained guard dog outside will scare off any invaders planning to break into your house.

Watch this video from sootch00 to know more about arming yourself and preparing an invasion survival kit:

Now you know what to do and have a home invasion survival kit in case of robbers break into your home.

Remember to stay calm and think wisely to save yourself and your family in crucial times.

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Do you have a different invasion survival kit in mind? Share yours in the comment section below.

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    October 16, 2022 at 10:09 PM

    How about living in a “Gray Man’s” house?
    1) Do not landscape your yard. Mow it your self.
    2) Keep your car in your garage at all times(with the door shut). Especially if your car’s less than five years old.
    3)Keep your window shade closed at all times.
    4)If you own fire arms; DO NOT tell anyone about them.
    5) If you own a gas grill; do not leave it out on your patio. Keep it stored in your garage(unless you’re using it).
    6) A watch was designed to enable to know what time it is.(Who gives a !@#$%^^& if you own a ROLEX or a Timex?)
    7)Do not be seen wearing “Flashy” clothes or excessive jewelry.(Who gives a !@#$%^ if your clothes were advertised in Vogue or GQ?)
    8) Be careful about your trash.(Robbers can be tipped off if they see many AMAZON boxes with the trash you set out).
    9) What is so wrong with owning a USED car(or one that’s 100% paid off)?

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