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5 Home Invasion Defense Tips



5 home invasion defense tips

The home is supposed to be the safest and most comfortable place. As preppers however, we know that the unexpected can and will happen. It is not wise to be complacent due to your assumption that you are prepared and ready for anything. Take a look around your home. The doors and windows should be locked, especially at night. You also need a handgun or two just in case a home invasion does occur.

5 Home Defense Tips

These days, home invasion is becoming more and more common. Your home could be the next target so it is time to reassess your home defense skills and strategies. Also remember to involve your family in defending your home. It is better to have a plan early on than having to shout at each other on what to do next, which the perpetrator can hear.

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5 Tips For Preparing A Defense Against Home Invasion

Bad guys are becoming more bold and aggressive. Understanding that valuable items and softer targets are more likely located in more affluent areas they are increasingly targeting suburban homes and neighborhoods in historically low crime areas. As with most things the sage Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” applies.

1. Plan it, drill it. Everyone remembers the fire drills that were practiced in elementary school. The alarm bell sounded and a swarm of generally chaotic creatures with an inclination for ignoring direction suddenly fell into line and moved to a predetermined point of safety with precise exaction. In the same vein, create a simple plan to move everyone living in your house to a pre-determined point of safety, which ideally will be room with few exit points. Only leave the security of the room you are in if other loved ones need to be secured. Everyone should know what starts the plan . . .

An alarm, a whistle, or predetermined action initiating word. Adults should plan to move to children or the elderly. Older children should move to younger ones and they should all move to a predetermined meeting point or hiding place in the room, and stay put.  Panicked people tend to wander if they don’t have a highly defined place. Designating these locations will give you the ability to discriminate targets far more quickly and effectively if an assailant has made it into the kids’ rooms.

Using techniques similar to those the police employ to deal with active shooters is best for the solo shooter: Don’t clear every room or move tepidly through the house. Instead, move quickly and decisively to the objective point and only engage bad guys that are an immediate threat or in the way. Understand the layout of your house and identify likely entry points/weak points. via 5 Tips For Preparing A Defense Against Home Invasion | My Family Survival Plan.

The common, idealistic person would not even consider the idea of teaching women and children how to handle a firearm. But with the way the world is today, you cannot defend the home and family alone. Obviously you would not want the other members of your family to be helpless in case you get hurt. It is always better to have an extra hand or two to help in fending off the invaders.

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Call the police as soon as you notice signs that someone is breaking in, but do not wait for them to come. If the trespassers want to come in even if you are inside, it means that they are ready to do what it takes to get what they want from your house. If you happen to live in a place that does not allow gun ownership, then you have to find other ways to defend yourself and your family. Remember it is not only yourself or your home that you are defending; your loved ones are also counting on you.

Tell us about your favorite home invasion strategies in the comments.

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  3. Sarah Geloneck

    June 4, 2015 at 3:20 PM

    Please don’t assume all your readers are men. I am a woman, and I’ve taught grown men to shoot.

    • Self Reliant

      July 1, 2015 at 7:23 PM

      Sarah, they are trying to help. Gain what you will and assume what you want. If a women reads this article she is sure to be able to glean a bit of good advice from it. This article is not a man or woman thing! It is a human thing! In other words Sarah, don’t assume they are only talking to men!

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