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Building Your Back-Up Plan: Survival Shelters And Underground Bunkers



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Do you have a back-up plan in place when SHTF? An important part of that plan is planning for survival shelters and underground bunkers. If you need more information, continue reading below.

Survival Shelters And Underground Bunkers | What You Should Know

2020 has given Americans new respect for Prepping as recent limitations are hindering our ability to sustain life as we know it. The Coronavirus pandemic left many grocery store shelves empty as people panic bought and supply chains were interrupted.

Widespread unemployment has wreaked havoc on budgets as more people than ever rely on food stamps and donations. Now, riots and arson have destroyed more livelihoods and access to supplies.

In some areas, grocery stores were burned down and bus routes destroyed. An “above average” hurricane season is just now beginning.

With conditions deteriorating each month, the Prepping community continues to grow. Rather than relying on government agencies and unreliable supply chains,

Americans are re-learning the basics of survival: gardening, food preservation, minimalism, and even backyard farming.

People are also starting to research back-up plans. In addition to stocking up on non-perishable goods, planting vegetables, and purchasing firearms in record numbers, Americans are looking into survival shelters and putting together their Bug Out plans.

Choosing Fight or Flight

For people who are caught in one of the cities deeply affected by riots, homeowners are making the difficult decision to stay in their unsafe neighborhoods or to flee, staying with family members or friends.

For those that are well prepared for emergency conditions, they are acutely aware that they can become targets for those that are struggling. Maintaining their current residence or moving to a more private and secluded homestead is a long-term choice they have to consider.

Underground Bunkers Gaining Popularity


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For the wealthy, underground bunkers and other security features have been gaining popularity for years.

Companies like Atlas, Vivos, and Radius all specialize in state-of-the-art underground shelters with air purification filters, well access, and generators. But the peace of mind that comes with an underground shelter on your property doesn’t come cheap. You’ll need at least $50,000 for the most basic of pre-fabricated models.

Having a second, smaller home farther into the wilderness and less reliant on the grid is also a preferred option, but again is not accessible to those of average income.

What is the average person to do if society continues to crumble?

Build Your Own Survival Shelter

Build Your Own Survival Shelter | Building Your Back-Up Plan: Survival Shelters And Underground Bunkers

Our ancestors before us developed effective building techniques that protected them from the elements and allowed for basic comforts. We can learn from these designs and gather supplies in case we need a survival shelter in the future.

If you find yourself evacuating your home and are seeking to build a shelter, make sure you are not doing so on private property unless you have consent from the owner.

Look for land that is flat, dry, away from bodies of water. Find one that's unlikely to have rocks or branches fall onto it. Leave space in front of the doorway to build a fire.

There are a multitude of designs you can research for survival shelters and underground bunkers if you plan to build your own in a pinch. The general advice is to keep tarps and cords on hand, as both will come in handy no matter which design you choose.

When you research designs, consider how many people you will need to house and for how long. Will your shelter be for short-term use until unrest blows over? Or are you starting a new life for the foreseeable future?

It may sound extreme to drive into the wilderness and build survival shelters and underground bunkers, but it may become necessary if society continues to crumble.

We are already experiencing unrest and are moving towards a police state. It’s important to research your options and put your back-up plan in place.

Do you have other tips on building survival shelters and underground bunkers? Do share them with us in the comments section!

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