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How Can You Protect Your Family if You Cannot Purchase or Own a Gun?



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2020 has given Americans a myriad of reasons to stock up on weaponry. Election years always lead to an influx in gun sales amid fears of increased restrictions if a new President has a strong gun control agenda.

The COVID-19 pandemic lead to a further surge in sales as families worried how they would protect themselves as millions of Americans found themselves out of work and desperate for food and money.

Now, race wars are breaking out around the country leading to riots, looting, arson, and destruction of property.

Preppers have long considered firearms to be an essential tool in the home. Self-defense is a priority for those that are prepared for anything. Being able to hunt large game if needed is another benefit.

But what if you are prohibited from owning a gun? Illegally obtaining a firearm can lead to prison time and fines, as well as motivate legislators to increase gun control laws.

But despite past arrests, there is a need to protect yourself and your family, especially in times of unrest.

Do Your Research

If you have a history that includes felony arrests, domestic abuse, and/or certain mental illnesses, you will be prohibited from purchasing or possessing a firearm.

Be absolutely certain that you fall into one of those categories in the state that you currently reside in.

Different states have different requirements for gun ownership. It is your responsibility to know your local laws.

Get Creative


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Just because you cannot own a gun does not mean that weapons are not available to you. A trip to your local hardware store will supply you with any number of effective weapons, from hammers to chainsaws to axes to wasp spray.

Baseball bats and paint ball guns can be purchased at any sporting goods store.

Chemicals like bleach can be used in self-defense and can be found at grocery stores.

Bricks in a pillowcase are not prohibited even if you live in a state where using a baseball bat is.

Prepare Your Home

Weapons are used when you come face-to-face with a criminal intending you bodily harm. Before you ever reach that point, outfit your home to prevent someone from gaining entry.

Purchase alarm systems, security cameras, floodlights, and secure locks for the exterior; make your home undesirable as a target. 

Consider buying or adopting a dog with a loud bark; dogs do not have to be trained to attack or protect the premises to deter thieves. The threat of an animal attack is enough for many perpetrators to pass on your property.

If you live in an area that is being directly affected by violence, barricade your doors and board up your windows. Eliminate entry points to avoid contact.

Be Resilient

You may have lost your rights to own a firearm, but you have not lost your right to protect yourself and your family.

With police occupied elsewhere, calls to 911 may have longer response times than are acceptable. Use what you have available to you.

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