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The Police State Preppers Have Feared has Arrived



The Police State Preppers Have Feared has Arrived

When you started Prepping, you knew that at best, you’d be prepared for the next blizzard or hurricane that left you cut off from modern conveniences. At worst, you’d have a head start if society were to crumble.

Although many movies predict an end-of-days scenario and create a post-apocalyptic world, they don’t always give an indication of how they got there. We are living that path.

2020 feels as though it has been designed to divide us and rip our country and our world apart.

First, wildfires ravaged Australia; we quickly forgot about Australia as the Coronavirus pandemic inflicted the world; the media sensationalized the arrival of murder hornets on US soil; and now, race wars plague the country after the murder of George Floyd.

In just a few short months, we have lost millions of jobs, been shuttered in our homes, schools have closed, grocery store shelves were emptied and slow to refill, and now, riots and looting have nearly 2 dozen states calling for military involvement.

We are fighting amongst ourselves about Socialism, vaccines, and racism – any divisive topic that can bring about a heated debate full of hatred. Extremist groups seizing the opportunity to destroy entire cities are fanning the flames.

What’s Next

Preppers were right about the kind of disasters that were possible: a global pandemic and the panic buying that ensued are the perfect example. We were ready when the rest of the world was caught off-guard.

Unfortunately, the government interference in response to rioting and looting will only escalate things.

With Coronavirus “safer at home” orders, aka Lockdowns, still in place, the widespread destruction brought about by riots and looting now have mayors implementing curfews across the country. 17,000 National Guard troops have been deployed to 23 states.

The police state we have always feared is arriving.

Prepare for the Worst

As fear grips the general public, they are slowly but surely trading their rights and their livelihoods for a perceived safety net.

Our children’s tax dollars have been spent on stimulus and unemployment checks as the government forced the closure of millions of businesses. We have been asked to call the authorities on neighbors holding family gatherings of more than 10 people. Weddings, funerals, graduations, and vacations have been canceled and condemned; priests are being arrested for holding drive-through Mass. Professional sports ceased play entirely.

All of the small enjoyments that people work for have been eliminated from our lives.

Worst of all, the hardest hit by the pandemic, the contraction of the economy, and now the rioting, is the low- and middle-class. Low-income communities have spread the virus more rapidly, lost their jobs, and are watching their cities burn. Their children have been eliminated from schooling if they don’t own a computer. Things will only get worse as these voices are marginalized, and their plights increase.

Prepare to see the worst poverty our country has experienced; prepare for increased police and military presence; prepare for extended curfews; prepare for a lockdown that extends as long as people live in fear.

If you have a business, now is the time to explore backup plans or exit strategies. Rally your supplies and stay out of major cities. Keep cash on hand and stock up on fuel. Have your Go Bag packed and have a plan of where to go and how to get there when the time comes.

Unfortunately, this is only the beginning.