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“Solar Kill Shots” and CME’s: How Space Weather Can Affect Your Preps



Feature | "Solar Kill Shots" and CME's: How Space Weather Can Affect Your Preps

The planets within our solar system have a strange effect on Earth. This effect has been studied through astrology for thousands of years. However, recently research has shed light that the planets, along with our Sun, have concrete physical effects on Earth as well. Let’s call this phenomena space weather, shall we? Understanding space weather can help with understanding how to survive and prepare on Earth.

Space Weather | How It Affects Earth

One example of space weather is the Moon’s magnetic effect. This magnetism coincides with Earth’s ocean tides. In addition, the Sun’s behavior has been shown to correlate with earthquakes. Solar winds released from Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s) and Coronal Holes trigger these natural disasters.

The Sun also has an electromagnetic effect on Earth. As CME’s released from the Sun’s surface increase in speed, the particles trapped in the solar winds hit Earth’s magnetosphere. This causes the Aurora Borealis, which can be seen in the South. In our daily life, these solar winds impact Earth’s electrical grid as well. This effect is continuously monitored. You can check the relationship between the electrical grid and solar winds via the Kp Index.

With enough speed, a CME released from the Sun could wipe out our entire electrical grid. The most recent recorded event occurred in 1859. Known as the Carrington Event, the sun released such a powerful CME, also known as a Solar Kill Shot, which caused telegraphs to be disrupted. Some even burst into flames. Although not much of society was reliant on the electrical grid at that time, a Solar Kills Shot today would virtually set humanity back to the stone age.

The Solar Kill Shot

A Solar Kill Shot must be understood and accounted for in your family emergency preparedness plan. Similar to an EMP (electromagnetic pulse), a Solar Kill Shot would render every electrical unit useless. This includes cell phones, radios, computers, most vehicles, medical equipment, and of course the grid which powers your home’s lights, sewage, and heat.

A recovery from a Solar Kill Shot has been estimated to take upwards of $2 trillion to repair. In addition, recovery from such an event could take up to 10 years. With this in mind, long term survival skills should be learned beforehand. Survival tools, gear, and equipment also should be prepared.

Learn more about the Solar Kill Shot by Alden Morris here:

You can track and monitor solar winds, coronal mass ejections, and activity from coronal holes by adding the resources below to your emergency preparedness plan. Many of the resources provide instructional videos on how to read the various charts. They can teach you how to monitor solar winds reaching Earth and the effect they have on your hometown.

Smaller celestial bodies such as comets and/or asteroids also constitute as space weather. These space objects also have an electromagnetic effect on Earth. They can be tracked using the live enlil spirals provided by both NOAA and NASA.

Space resources:

The Sun, Earthquakes, and Volcanic Eruptions

The Sun, Earthquakes, and Volcanic Eruptions | "Solar Kill Shots" and CME's: How Space Weather Can Affect Your Preps

The arrival of solar winds into Earth’s magnetosphere and the corresponding earthquakes thereafter show a correlation between the two. For example, when the Kp Index measures an X-Ray Class Solar Flare, the solar winds entering into Earth’s magnetosphere seem to have an electromagnetic effect on Earth’s tectonic plates. This results in earthquakes throughout different parts of the globe.

However, which part of the globe the solar winds hit and where the resulting earthquake occurs thereafter is still being studied. Scientists are still perfecting a model which can predict the location of earthquakes after notable solar wind speeds.

A group named Suspicious Observers is heading the earthquake prediction model. The group is a great resource for survival information, as their goal is to help mankind by forewarning communities. They seek to warn areas prone to natural disaster before the disaster occurs. The group has had so much success that models displaying a connection between solar winds and volcanic eruptions are already underway.

See a video by Alden Morris regarding Volcano Eruption Prediction Model, Electromagnetism and Volcanic Eruptions:

Earthquake resources:

Magnetic North and Traditional North

Magnetic North and Traditional North | "Solar Kill Shots" and CME's: How Space Weather Can Affect Your Preps

The Sun and the Earth’s correlation are in array during times of solar minimum and solar maximum. These are the Sun’s cycles that determine whether Earth will undergo long periods of heat or cooling. This phenomena explains our planet’s recent ice age and the current controversy over global warming.

Another result from the Sun’s influence on Earth is the wandering of the North Pole. For years, travelers relied on their compass to point to magnetic north. However, since the North Pole has been traveling due to the effects of the Sun, a slight deviation has occurred from magnetic north and true north. Although minimal, if not accounted for when an individual is traveling, they’ll never reach their location. This is especially true for travelers on foot and those going long distances. Keeping this in mind, survivalists often calculate for magnetic declination.

Calculating Magnetic Declination

Use updated information to differentiate on all of your maps the degrees between magnetic north and true north. Land navigation courses will teach you how to properly calculate magnetic declination over a long distance. A quick search on any search engine can also give you the exact degree that your hometown is between magnetic and true north. For example, Seattle, Washington is approximately positive 14 degrees East of True North.

While this may sound confusing, calculating your hometowns’ magnetic declination isn’t complicated on paper. Use this resource to properly track your areas magnetic declination.

See a hypothesis by Alden Morris regarding magnetic declination in conjunction with climate change:

Are you prepared for space weather? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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